8 Creative Ways a Digital Voice Recorder Can Improve Your Life

Is there something in your life you could be doing better? We’re willing to bet you said yes.

While 80% of the older generation said they were interested in self improvement, nearly all millennials — 94% — have made commitments to doing better.

There are big dreams and small goals that can improve your life. We’re going to talk about a small thing that can make a big difference in your day-to-day life — a digital voice recorder.

How can a personal recording device change your world? Keep reading to discover eight ways a digital recorder can improve your life!

Smart Phone vs. Digital Voice Recorder

Why invest in a voice recorder when you’ve already got your smartphone? There’s nothing wrong with using a smartphone voice recorder, but you can do better.

Here’s the advantages a dedicated voice recorder has over your phone:

  • Recording time: digital recorders can hold thousands of hours worth of voice recordings
  • Save space: use your phone’s storage for pics and apps instead
  • Sound quality: no need for add ons or special apps; your voice recorder does it all
  • Special features: a digital voice recorder can have features like track marking, voice activation and more

There are other advantages to using a dedicated recorder instead of your phone, but these are pretty convincing already. Now let’s see the ways your life is going to get better with a digital recorder at the ready. 

1. Transcriptions

Too busy to write down everything you need to? That’s OK — you’ve got your voice recorder. 

You can find a voice recorder that transcribes already. There are also many software programs out on the market that can transcribe as well.

If push comes to shove, you can always manually transcribe your notes. The peace of mind comes from not having to furiously scribble them down in the first place. 

2. Recording Lectures

Let’s say you’ve got an early class or just want to listen to a lecture over and over again Here’s where your voice recorder comes in handy.

Set it and forget it instead of struggling to jot down every single bit of information. This is especially great if you’ve got an early morning class and fighting to stay awake and remember your notes.

3. Declutter Your Desk

Have you heard about the new “Konmari Method”? It’s another form of minimalism, where you surround yourself with things that bring you joy and cut down on clutter.

Staring at a desk that’s piled high with papers, notes, and other clutter doesn’t bring anyone joy. Cut through that mess with a digital recorder.

Instead of having scattered sticky notes everywhere and several beat-up notebooks, make voice memos instead. You can organize them, label them, and delete them without making more trash.

4. Record Your Ideas

You’re hit with a bolt of inspiration, the best idea you’ve ever had. You fumble for paper, break the tip off a pencil, finally find a pen that’s still got ink in it and…it’s gone. 

Does this seem familiar? Whether it’s a dream you had that you want to remember, a great idea for a new book, or something witty you want to tell someone, use a voice recorder to capture your lightning in a bottle.

5. Make an Audio Book

Speaking of, well, speaking instead of writing, you can make an audiobook with your personal recording device. If you’ve got a great book idea but not the time to type it out, just go audio only.

Got a book written already? You can make the audio version of whatever you’ve written, too.

Think about how great it is to have an audiobook in the author’s own voice!

6. Create a Podcast

If you’ve got more to say than will fit between two covers, consider making a podcast instead. Podcasts are growing in popularity, with 51% of Americans listening to them.

Podcasts are a great way to be creative, and you don’t even have to be camera ready. You can record, produce, and edit all of your episodes on your digital voice recorder all while still in your pajamas.

7. Improve Your Speech

Public speaking, or even one-on-one interactions, can be difficult. Believe it or not, a voice recorder is just the thing you need to speak better.

Record yourself giving your speech. Pretend you’re at an interview, talking to a colleague, or even chatting with a late night show host about your life.

Did you notice any long pauses? Did your voice keep climbing higher and higher?

Keep practicing with your voice recorder until you can chat up your boss with ease and confidence.

8. Play with Your Kids

A voice recorder can make playtime with your kids fun and educational too. Here are a few ways you can use it with your children:

  • Record their precious first words
  • Have them read a book to you to improve their reading skills
  • Make fun radio plays with them and send them out to friends and family
  • Make your kids’ voices into a personalized ringtone

Having a voice recorder is a lot of fun and a great way to get creative with your little ones. They won’t be little forever, though; you’ll be grateful you have their voices recorded when they’re older.

What to Look for in a Recorder

Ready to make your life better with a new voice recorder? Here’s some things to keep in mind when making a purchase:

  • If you’ll use yours for primarily transcription services, look for ones that already have the software loaded onto it
  • Make sure it’s in a configuration you like and that it’s easy for you to use
  • Look at the battery life of your chosen recorder to make sure it meets your needs

Once you’ve got one you like, you’re ready to start recording!

More Uses for a Digital Voice Recorder

A digital voice recorder is a great addition to your life. Once you get one, you’ll dream up new ways to use it in your personal life and your business.

If you’re curious about other ways to improve your life, then you need to check out our list of consumer resources!