Ring Ring: Why Your Business Needs a Telephone Answering Service

It’s the same old story: we’re in the year 2019, and having telephone services are so passé. No one would even bother calling, and your business would just end up spending a bunch of money on things it doesn’t even use.

That sounds like a pretty good argument to make…except that you’re wrong.

Despite the huge steps we’ve taken in SEO and business social media profiles, we cannot ignore the power of a phone call. In fact, having a telephone answering service means more now than ever before.

We’ll give you just a few reasons why you need to upgrade from a boring recording to a real person. Read on to learn more about it.

It Shows the People That You Really Care

One of the most important things that telephone answering companies like AnswerFirst have learned is that such services show people that you really care about them.

Let’s flip the table for a second. Pretend that you’re the customer looking to reach out to a company. You have something really important to ask, and you prepare the question as the phone rings…only to be greeted by a recording.

You don’t know what to do from here, and there’s no option to speak to an operator, so you get frustrated and end the call, vowing to never reach out to that company again.

That’s what you risk every time a potential customer is forced to deal with your recording.

Though they may be seen as a cheap and simple way of handling calls, recordings make people feel as if they are equally cheap and simple customers. It’s enough to drive people away – and that’s exactly what happens.

Show the people that you care by presenting them with an actual human who has a genuine concern for their questions and comments. It’s a sure way to bring in more potential leads.

It Helps Handle the High Volume

Small business owners have it rough with the high number of calls they have to deal with every day. The phone just seems to be ringing nonstop.

It’s even worse that you have to deal with all of the extra stuff that goes along with running a business. The last thing that you need is to try to answer every customer and make them happy.

That’s all the more reason for you to get telephone answering services.

When you get these services, it takes the calls that are meant for you and transfers them over to another sector that specializes in answering calls…just for you.

That means your potential clients can get the answers they need, while you get to greatly reduce the amount of volume coming to your office. What’s not to love about that?

You End up Saving Money

You may be thinking, “How is it possible to save money when you’re paying for another service?”

Well, let’s break it down for you. Right now, you have to deal with all of the calls yourself or force them all on an unlucky employee. Here’s why that’s a bad thing on both ends.

If you, the boss, take the brunt of the force, you’re willingly giving up valuable time that you could use to…be a boss. Instead of working on making your business better and expanding your wares, you’re swamping yourself with calls.

That means you’re not making progress, and no progress means no money.

If you give the responsibility to an employee, it’s still not a very good thing to do. As a small business, you need all hands on deck, and having someone play receptionist will make your progress slow to a crawl, crippling your money flow.

By paying for answering services, you free yourself – and your employees from doing the work, which means you can focus on building the business and bringing in leads, and your employees can focus on keeping the business rolling.

Sounds like money to us.

Order Processing Is a Breeze

How often do you see one of your clients process an order through your social media page? How often does it happen through your email, or even through your website? Not very often…or maybe not at all?

That’s because, for small businesses, it doesn’t work that way.

Recent studies shows that despite all of the tech advances, nearly 75% of all customers still think that calling is the best way to inquire, process, and confirm orders. That means a lot of orders are dealt with through the phone.

That’s a lot of calls and a lot of important orders.

Having a business answering service means you will be able to handle any and all orders your clients call about, so orders go out when and where they’re supposed to – and always on time.

Appointment Scheduling Is Taken Care of

Scheduling appointments is nothing short of a nightmare, and even with all of the helpful tips, it doesn’t seem to get any easier. Even after you set up the meeting, there’s always that chance you may forget the ones you’ve scheduled.

With telephone answering services, the nightmare of appointment scheduling is no more. Instead, well-qualified call receivers will take the calls, arrange the dates, and let you know of any upcoming meetings – and you don’t lift a finger.

If this doesn’t sound like a match made in heaven, we don’t know what does. 

Use a Telephone Answering Service for Your Business

You now know the importance of having a telephone answering service, so make sure you incorporate your own as soon as possible. Of course, there are other ways you can upgrade your business – and we’ve got advice for that, too.

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No matter what you have on your mind, we can be sure that there’s something on our site for you. Have a look around and see what you find.