Safe Working Environment 101: 7 Quick Tips to Motivate Your Employees

Maintaining a safe working environment is a top priority for companies.

The fact is, every seven seconds, a worker gets injured on the job.

This statistic alone shows how important workplace safety is. Want to know how you can make safety a priority to your employees? Check out these seven tips to motivate your workers.

1. Meet Regularly with Employees

You should have regular meetings with your employees to discuss health and safety tips. These meetings don’t always have to involve you speaking to them. Consider offering first aid training and other skill training in these meetings.

2. Make Safety Part of the Culture

You have to make safety part of the culture of your company. You can do this by introducing the importance of safety in the interview process before you hire an individual. When you show how important safety is from day one, you’re creating a culture within your company. 

You also want to have an effective EHS program in place. Be sure that you let everyone know that adhering to this program is one of your core values.

3. Give Employees an Active Role in Safety

You should give your employees an active role in the health and safety of the workplace. When you’re only telling them what to do, it doesn’t make them feel like they have any control. Instead, remind them that their hard work contributes to the safety and wellbeing of everyone.

4. Positive Reinforcement

Everyone likes getting rewarded for a job well done but there’s a right and wrong way to do it. Instead of creating incentives and competition among employees, consider rewarding people on the spot. When you see an employee acting in a safe manner, give them an “on the spot” award.

Ways to show your appreciation include:

  1. a simple thank you
  2. a gift card for coffee
  3. a note

It doesn’t have to be an extravagant gift. Simple gestures of appreciation go a long way.

5. Educate Your Employees

Education goes beyond the words in an employee handbook. You need to create a learning environment where your employees feel cared for and not treated like children.

Collaborating with organizations like this company can give your staff the tools they need to encourage health and safety. Attending conferences can provide valuable training and continued education to ensure workplace safety.

6. Regular Inspection

Regular inspection can motivate your employees to stay on top of safety procedures. Not only that, but inspections make sure that everything is in working order. Regular inspections let your employees know that you care for their safety too.

7. Lighten Up

There’s no denying that workplace safety is important, but you still need to provide an environment that people enjoy being in. This could mean treating them to lunch when they achieve milestones. Lightening up and cutting loose a bit can be great for morale and encouraging safety at work.

A Safe Working Environment Is Vital

It’s so important that you provide a safe working environment for both your employees and your company. When you include your employees, you can be more successful in your safety ventures.

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