5 Employee Gift Ideas to Show Your Team How Much You Appreciate Them

Do you want to keep your employees happy? Not only does this improve your company image, but it’ll help get work done faster. That’s right, employees are about 20% more productive when they are happy at work.

So how can you make sure your employees are in the best mood possible? One strategy is to show them your appreciation. Offering raises, singling out exceptional employees, and giving out employee gifts are all great ways to do this.

Gifts are a great idea because they ensure nobody is left out. But with so many employees, it can be hard to come up with good employee gift ideas that everyone will love.

Do you need some inspiration? Keep reading to discover 5 employee gift ideas to show your appreciation.

1. Desk Organizer

When your employees are busy at work, they may not have time to organize their desk. But all that excess clutter can make them feel stressed and overwhelmed – it just reminds them of all the work they have yet to do.

That’s why one of the best gifts for employee appreciation is a desk organizer. They’ll feel happier knowing that you care about your employees and less stressed once all the clutter is put away.

2. Holiday Decor

The holidays are a great time to show your employees you appreciate them. With so much added stress between gift shopping and decorating, your sentiment will be even more special.

The best Christmas gifts for business are simple, yet festive. Consider a fresh wreath with a small natural touch of pinecones or berries. It will look great indoors and outdoors and will match whatever decorations they already have.

3. Gourmet Coffee

It’s no secret that coffee is the go-to morning drink. While everyone has their favorite roast, many coffee-lovers are adventurous. One of the most delicious employee gift ideas is a bag of gourmet coffee.

If you aren’t sure what everyone would like, consider purchasing a variety box. You can bring it to the office and let everyone choose their own bag or keep it in the kitchen, so everyone can try the different roasts.

It can also help improve your company culture by acting like an icebreaker. Employees who don’t know each other may bond and cultivate a relationship while discussing the new coffee options.

4. Bonsai Tree Kit

Do you have plenty of big windows in your office? Natural light is a great way to create a healthy work environment, and it’ll allow you to add flowers and plants to freshen up the room. But, don’t just get a big corner plant for the meeting room.

Instead, get one of the most unique employee gifts – bonsai tree kits. Each employee will get a little bonsai tree for their desk that they can customize however they want. It’ll liven up the office and spark your employees’ creativity.

5. Desk Nameplates

Do you run a large company? The office may be so big that the employees don’t even know each other’s names. This can lead to some awkward conversations and unclear communication. One easy way to help fix this problem is to give your employees desk nameplates.

To make these truly personalized gifts for employees, order the nameplates in different colors. It’ll make each gift more unique and add some more color to the office.

The Best Employee Gift Ideas

If you want to show your employees that you care, consider handing out employee appreciation gifts. Just follow our guide to the best employee gift ideas to ensure you find something everyone will love.

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