Here’s Why Your Office Phone System Needs Upgrading

Did you know “old school” methods of communication still rule 75% of office correspondence.


First of all, having an office phone system is an incredibly personal, instantaneous way to do business.

But mainly, business telephone lines continue to soar in popularity thanks to new upgrades that revolutionize phone communication.

To learn about these upgrades — and why it’s time to bring your office phone into this century — keep reading.

Your Conference Calls Will Get Easier

As a business owner, you know that scheduling — and then executing — conference calls can often be a real nightmare.

An upgraded phone system can prevent dropped calls, ensure everyone is patched in, and can even send reminders to call participants. Many options also come with video features, to further personalize the conference call experience.

Thanks to updated systems, you can connect to conference calls from a variety of devices, from your PC to your cell phone.

Some companies, like VoiceOnyx, even offer office phones specifically designed to help you manage conference calls.

These phones come with amplified voice quality, high-resolution displays, multi-unit connectivity, and much more.

You’ll Save Serious Cash

Let’s get real: money talks — sometimes, quite literally. Especially if you do business with international customers, those long-distance charges can leave you wondering if the business of an overseas client is really worth it.

Thanks to advances in phone systems, you’ll wonder no more.

Because you can make calls over the Internet, you can bypass those expensive long distance charges.

Plus, instead of having to buy multiple phone systems, you only need to purchase one “central system” for others to connect to.

Plus, keep in mind that often, these systems come with 24/7 support. This means that you won’t lose business thanks to a failed phone system.

You’ll Be More Available to Customers

There’s nothing worse than having to sit at your desk after-hours, waiting for that call confirming a big deal to come in.

Thanks to upgraded office phones, you no longer have to.

Many of these phone systems allow your office phone calls to be automatically forwarded to your mobile phone. Since these phones use VoIP technology, you can usually connect with customers anywhere you have Internet access.

Some office phone systems include auto attendants, which is especially helpful to small businesses that can’t afford to hire a receptionist to take calls and relay messages.

Additionally, there are also options for customers to speak with live, remote attendants for a more personal touch.

Convinced It’s Time to Upgrade Your Office Phone System?

We’re sure this post has inspired you to make some serious adjustments and updates to your current office phone system.

However, in order to further streamline your business, you’ll need to look into upgrading the rest of your office equipment — and perhaps even your entire office space.

To connect with the kinds of quality services that can convince potential clients to do business with you instead of your competitor, spend some time on our website and blog.

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