4 Tips for Finding an Eye Specialist You Can Trust

You know something is wrong. You’re not seeing as clearly as you used to.

And you know you can’t just wait and hope it goes away. Your eyesight is too important.

But don’t just make an appointment with any eye specialist and hope for the best. You need to find one that’s both trustworthy and competent.

Which is why these 4 tips for finding an eye doctor are so important to know before doing a search.

1. Ask Friends and Family Who Their Eye Specialist Is

The best referral for a medical eye dr is from a trusted friend or family member. To make it easy, locate friends and family who wear glasses and ask them.

Don’t forget to ask them why they like their doctor so much. Was there a short wait time or was there a long wait to see the doctor. If there was a wait, is this normal or was there just an unforeseen issue that day?

Is the doctor a male or female? While not everyone cares, some people do. It’s important to choose an eye specialist who makes their patients feel safe and cared about.

2. Ask Another Doctor for a Referral

Of course, another doctor is a great way to find a reliable referral to an eye doctor. Often, these two doctors pass business along to one another so they probably know one another fairly well.

Asking a doctor is also helpful because they can recommend a specialist who works within the specifics of whatever health care plan is being utilized. There’s nothing worse than finding a doctor only to realize they don’t accept a certain health insurance plan.

3. Check With Professional Eye Specialist Organizations

There are quite a few organizations that provide great insight into finding a good medical eye doctor. Check online to figure out which association may provide the best way to finding a good doctor.

Not all eye problems are the same so make sure whatever organization is chosen, they deal with physicians who specialize in the health issue. These sites will also make it easier to make sure that all the doctors listed are board certified.

These sites are also excellent for anyone traveling outside of the US who is encountering eye health issues.

4. Read Online Reviews

Sometimes there’s no other way to find a reputable eye doctor than to trust other people’s opinions. Which means going online and reading reviews.

Check out the physician’s website first. Are their reviews current? Do they have any? No reviews may not mean anything but it might also mean they don’t wish to share how bad their practice is.

Check to see if they have any social media presence. Do a Google search using the name of the practice, rather than the doctor’s name, along with the state and city they are located in. This should provide a complete overview of their office and show any reviews listed.

Already have a doctor/practice in mind? Use our trusted site to do a search. Simply type in their name and see what reviews come up!

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