Digital Marketing for Dentists: Tips to Help You Grow Your Practice

The average revenue brought in by a general dental practice is $525,000.

Want to be on the higher end of gross revenue as well as increased profits?

The best way to generate more revenue is either focusing on bringing in new customers or selling more products or services to current customers. Effective marketing for dentists is important to maintain and increase revenue and profits.

Continue reading for tips on how to grow your dental practice through online marketing for dentists.

Marketing for Dentists – Best Practices

Before you begin your marketing efforts, you need to make sure you have a strong website. Your website should provide a great user experience that makes it easy for patients to book appointments. A good example of an effective website isĀ

This website loads quickly, is easy to navigate, and has a large area that makes it easy to book appointments.

1. Pick a Service to Focus On

If you are an expert in one area, showcase your expertise in that area. Let’s say that you have helped people transform their smiles using cosmetic dentistry. Focusing on this aspect of your business and showcasing where you’ve done exceptional work can bring people into your business faster than advertising about all of your services.

Don’t feel like your advertisements or promotions are redundant if you keep advertising one offer. Continued focus in one area will allow you to penetrate their memory and grab their attention.

2. Local Facebook Ads Targeting

You can target Facebook users that are located within a certain radius of your business address. Highly targeted ads like these usually don’t cost a lot of money, and they produce better results than advertising to a large audience that is not near your location.

If people show interest in your Facebook ads by going to your website, you can retarget those people for an even higher conversion rate.

3. Video Advertising

Using video to advertise online gets attention. Your videos don’t have to be long, and you can use different formats depending on what your goal is.

If you want to build awareness for your practice, you might want to share a story about yourself and your practice. You can create a video that talks about why you got started and how you aim to serve your customers.

Develop a Consistent Strategy

If your strategy isn’t consistent, you will not get the results that you want. Make an editorial calendar for any blogging efforts you have in place and make sure to promote through your social media channels.

Having success in your marketing efforts whether they are online or offline requires consistency. Don’t start a new strategy until you are sure you can commit to it or you will waste time and fail to get results.

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