Keep Your Pearly Whites Pearly: Tips to Find the Perfect Cosmetic Dentist

Are you looking for the right cosmetic dentist?

Even if you’re having what some may consider surface or voluntary work done on your teeth, you still need to be sure you’re going to the right place and that your doctor is trustworthy. 

Finding the right dentist can be challenging. But don’t worry, we’ve created a guide that will help you find the perfect fit. Read on to learn more! 

Get a Reference 

Do you have friends or family members who have received cosmetic dentistry? If so, the first step is to ask them if they had a positive experience and would recommend their doctor to you. 

It’s always nice to have a personal connection and referral for a new doctor regardless of what the visit or procedure is. Also, if you come into a new office with a referral, you’re likely to receive better treatment as the doctor will be careful not to lose their existing patients business. 

Verify Their Credentials 

Whether you receive a referral or find a dentist elsewhere, you want to be sure you can verify their credentials. Many dentists can say they’re a cosmetic dentist but if they don’t have the credentials to prove it, this may not be the case. 

Just because your doctor has a DMD or DDS does not mean they’re necessarily equipped or trained to perform cosmetic dentistry. Your doctor should have an AACD credential which ensures they have undergone specific and longterm training for cosmetic dentistry.

Ask About Experience 

Having plenty of experience will only make your doctor better at her job and she’ll have built up a trusted log of patients. You should be able to find how long they’ve been practicing by checking online or calling their office. 

Be sure to ask how long they’ve been practicing cosmetic dentistry, not another type of dentistry. 

Are There Photos? 

Depending on what type of work you plan to have done, it can’t hurt to see before and after photos of the dentists work. Many offices will have a before and after section on their website so you can see the photos and learn what procedure was done.

These should be made readily available and if for some reason their office is hesitant to share, this could be a red flag that their work is poor or they’re inexperienced. 

Schedule a Consultation 

After you follow the steps above and find one or two offices you’re considering, you should have a consultation with the dentist. The truth is, you don’t want to schedule an appointment or procedure without an initial meeting because you may not feel comfortable with the doctor. 

A consultation will allow you to meet them in person and witness first hand how they conduct themselves. Are they rushing you out the door? Trying to upsell you and convince you to have more work than needed?

These are all things to watch for since you need to feel safe in their office and under their care. 

Find Your Cosmetic Dentist Today! 

With the tips above, you’ll be prepared to research and find the right cosmetic dentist for you. Remember to ask questions and gather as much information as possible so you can make your choice from a place of confidence. 

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