How to Pick the Right Landscape Bridge for Your Garden

Are you looking for the finishing touch for your garden? A bridge could be the perfect landscaping idea!

One of the best parts of choosing your garden bridge is that there are no rules. But this also means that there are lots of options to choose from.

Don’t worry! We’ve put together important tips to help you pick out the perfect landscape bridge for you.


You can find many bridges on the market that are pleasant to look at, but you need to think how you want them to function. How are you using this bridge to enhance your garden?

Will it be functional or ornamental? Not all bridges on the market can stand up to the pressure of walking on them. If this is a feature you want, make sure to check it can take the pressure.


Figuring out where to place your bridge is important. Is this bridge going to connect a footpath or be a standalone feature?

There are loads of ideas on how to use it.

It could cross a pond or stream or rise over a stretch of polished stones or rockery. Look at how the most beautiful gardens in the United States use them for inspiration.

Before you go looking for bridges, make sure you know how you want it to function in your space.


You’ve decided how you want your bridge to function and picked the perfect location. Now you need to get the measurements and style to suit your needs.


Most landscape bridges have a length of between three and 12 feet. This means that you have plenty of options to suit your needs.

If your bridge is over six feet long, then you want to incorporate a railing. Although this has a safety function, you can also use it to enhance your style. As long as it is functional, it can be horizontal, vertical, or as elaborate as you desire.


You can either let your garden inspire the bridge or vice versa. Either way, there are styles available to integrate into any space.

Do you like the fresh feeling of a Cape-Cod inspired backyard? Try a painted bridge or one with simple, clean lines.

If you want something more in keeping with your koi pond, an Orient-infused style works well. These bridges often feature low railings and either arched or straight lines. Check out this website for some ideas.


When choosing a material, you will need to consider your climate and how much you plan to travel over the bridge.

Although attractive, most woods will need re-staining or sealing on a regular basis. This will keep them looking new.

Pressure-treated lumber can prove sturdier and more resistant for crossings. They also need less maintenance than more ornamental materials.

Painted finishes can maintain the visual style that you like on any material. If you’re looking to paint your bridge, considered galvanized metal.

Your Perfect Landscape Bridge

Remember, always keep How, Where, and What in mind when choosing a landscape bridge. Whether you are after function or looks, this will help you pick the perfect one to suit your needs.

With your landscape complete, you will want to keep it in top condition. Be sure to check out our article on finding the best lawn care company.