How to Find the Best Lawn Care Company for Greener Grasses and Brighter Flowers

Are you looking for someone to help maintain your yard? Sometimes good work is really hard to find. You have to find a company that’s going to work for your particular needs.

To that end, you need to ask yourself what you’re even looking for in a lawn care service. To find the answer to that question you’ll need to do a little digging. Different companies come with different reviews, different levels of customer service and ideas of maintaining their equipment.

Here are a few things that you need to look for in a lawn care company when you’re hunting around.

1. Check Their Reputation

The best way to check their reputation is to look for reviews online. Seeing what other customers say about a company such as Green Acres Mowers can be a great form of research.

These reviews only give a glimpse of the company but chances are, if most of their reviews are positive, you can rest assured your experience should be as well.

2. Verify Their License and Insurance

You want a lawn company that’s licensed and insured. It’s something that is necessary but not put into practice everywhere. If they aren’t insured and get injured on your property then you’re liable.

There is also the fact that if they say, damage your car with a piece of their equipment, they won’t be held liable to compensate you for it.

3. Make Sure Their Equipment is Well-Maintained

To tell if the equipment is being maintained, you need to ask the company how many cuts they go through before they change their blades. If they can’t give you a straight answer, or if it’s more than 10 hours, you’ll want to tell them to hit the road.

Dull blades will make your grass look worn and dead. That’s not very good for curbside appeal.

4. Verify Their Customer Service

A company that’s easy to get in touch with is a gem. You need reliability, someone who is going to pick up the phone the first time and give you an accurate quote.

Always look at their attitude, it should be upbeat and passionate about helping you. If they just seem crabby and not wanting to work with you, then tell them to leave.

Someone who is up-to-date with technology and has an email or social media is preferred as well. They should have proper billing software at least.

5. Ask About a Contract

At times, a lawn care company will ask for a contract. You should see if they will allow you to proceed with their services without having to get one.

There are some companies that will at least let you do a trial period before making you commit.

Finding the Right Lawn Care Company

If you want your yard to get the best treatment possible, you need to find a great lawn care company who can provide it. They need to be easy to work with, flexible, have a great reputation, and maintain their equipment. Get someone that cares about the beauty of your yard as much as you do!

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