5 Tips for Finding the Best Personal Injury Attorney for Your Slip and Fall Case

Accidents happen. They’re a part of life. But, some accidents can be worse than others. Unintentionally spilling a drink isn’t much compared to something that leaves you injured.

One of the most common accidents that people experience is a slip and fall, commonly in a public area that hasn’t been properly maintained.

If this happens to you, chances are you’ll be looking for a settlement. Not sure what step to take next? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a look at how you can find the best personal injury attorney.

Check Their Experience

Due to how common slip and fall accidents are, an experienced personal injury lawyer will know exactly how to handle your case. In most instances, they’ll be able to quickly tell you how strong your case is after you give them the details about what happened.

The most important aspect of choosing an experienced lawyer is looking for an attorney who has been in the business for a while. These attorneys are familiar with all of the nuances that come with slip and fall cases.

For example, different states have different statutes of limitations when it comes to personal injury. They also have specific laws that relate to negligence on the property owner’s part, negligence on your part, etc.

An attorney who has plenty of experience with slip and fall injuries in your state is the one you should seek out.

How Often Do They Go To Trial?

Ninety-five percent of slip and fall cases settle before anyone sees the inside of a courtroom.

This is good news for you, as you’re more likely to get results faster than a typical lawsuit.

But, it could also be bad news if you have a lawyer who has never gone to trial before. In the off chance that your case ends up in court, you’ll want someone who has experience with handling that type of situation.

Insurance companies are notorious for being aggressive and placing pressure upon the plaintiff when it comes to slip and fall injuries.

Thus, you’ll want a lawyer who isn’t afraid of going to trial and getting you the settlement that you deserve.

Don’t Forget About Their Personality

Personality is a crucial trait to look for when looking for the best personal injury attorney. If you don’t feel comfortable with your lawyer, they’re not going to be able to represent you to their fullest potential.

In general, you’ll want someone who is accessible and easy to talk to. You can’t expect to get much out of the attorney you hire if it’s almost impossible to reach them.

The better you mesh with your lawyer, the smoother your whole case will go.

Not sure where to start looking? Resources like this site can help get you started.

Finding The Best Personal Injury Attorney Can Seem Difficult

But it doesn’t have to be.

With this advice, you’ll be well on your way to handling your slip and fall case quickly and professionally by finding the best personal injury attorney for you.

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