10 Unique Landscaping Ideas to Increase Your Home’s Value

Landscaping can be a challenge.

Never mind the labor involved to plant flowers, move dirt, and install fixtures. Everyone knows how difficult that can be.

Planning the perfect landscape is the real challenge.

The good news is, you’re limited only by your creativity.

If you’re looking for some unique landscaping ideas to freshen up your yard, keep reading for a quick look at 10 ideas to increase your home’s curb appeal.

Exotic Plants

Nothing says unique like something exotic.

If you really want to make your yard stand out, try adding something a little extraordinary.

Turn your yard into a tropical paradise–if you live in warmer climate. Or, try mixing in some bright annual or perennial flowers that fit your climate and soil type.

The great thing about adding plants is that you can do the work yourself at an affordable price.

Running Water

Water features can really make a yard stand out. There’s just something about water that draws the eye and calms just about anyone nearby.

While you could go with a more traditional fountain or a static pond, try adding a running water feature that incorporates several ponds or fountains or allowing water to flow into a larger pool through a small stream.

While a water feature will add a truly unique appeal to your home, it will also require time and an investment to make it happen. Try getting in touch with a local expert, like this company, to get this project done right.

Make it Homey

One of the best things you can do for your yard is to make it look inviting and comfortable.

So many landscaping designs have a dry, sterile look that would be just as welcome on the front lawn of your local bank. Whereas, most homes will benefit more from an inviting look.

Try adding elements that will make people want to stick around like walking paths or built-in seating.

Add a Splash of Color

Nothing draws the eye and lets visitors know they’re in a unique spot like color.

Colors can have strong psychological effects and really influence the mood and emotions of viewers. Red, for example, can help convey warmth and excitement. While blue can help visitors feel calm and comfortable.

Add color with balance. Don’t add too much of a strong color like red. Instead, use it to contrast with existing colors and add some flair to the landscape.

Build to Entertain

Many homeowners use their backyards to entertain guests and gather as a family. So, keep that in mind as you look for landscape ideas.

Adding too many plants or trees can crowd the yard and make it difficult for visitors to move around.

Build in features that make it easy for the next owner to entertain. This could be as simple as adding a patio or deck, to more complex additions like an outdoor kitchen or built-in seating.

Repurpose an Old Bike

Here’s something truly unique.

Rather than bringing in all new materials and features, try reusing something older

A bike is a really interesting way to start. Not only do many older bikes have a unique look that can spice up even the most boring landscape, they’re also inexpensive and easy to find.

Try finding an older bike with a distinctive look that matches your yard.

Bring Color to Paths

If you have walking paths that run throughout your yard–or even a sidewalk out front–try adding some color to make them more inviting and vibrant.

Like we mentioned above, color can have strong psychological effects. Making walking areas more colorful can draw visitors to them and make the landscape more visually appealing overall.

Start by adding some colorful, annual flowers and progress to something more exotic as you gain experience.

Add a Sitting Area–For One of the Most Unique Landscaping Ideas

Another great way to add a unique and inviting touch to your landscaping is by cleverly incorporating seating.

There are many options here–from simply adding a patio furniture set, to building your own seating right into the yard.

If this one seems a little intimidating, start by adding a furniture set that matches your yard. For a more creative touch, seating can be built into decks and patios or added right into the yard with stone or rock seating.

Climb the Walls

Add some spice to walls and fences with plants designed to grow on trees or other natural features.

There are many flowering vines, like Morning Glory, that can add a big burst of color to your yard with minimal effort.

You’ll likely need to add a trellis to the area you’d like to grow vines on, then simply plant according to the grower’s directions, and watch them go. Just be careful with vines, as many grow very quickly and can get out of control if not maintained properly.

Add Some Vegetables

Another great way to add a unique touch to your yard is by planting some vegetables.

While you could go a more traditional route and plant a standard vegetable garden–something that would definitely attract many buyers–add a more unique touch by incorporating your crops into the other plant life in your yard. A few cleverly placed tomato plants or other veggies can add a unique, and tasty, touch.

Start simple and test a few plants here and there before adding vegetables throughout your yard.

Putting Your Garden Together

Gardening is a fun, relaxing way to bring new life and character to your home.

Whether you plan to sell soon and hope to add value to your property or are settling in for the long haul, improving your yard has tremendous value for you and potential buyers.

If you’re working on your home, check out our consumer resources for more tips and tricks or find a local service provider that can help you get the job done right.

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