Plug the Pipes: 5 Common Plumbing Issues and How to Fix Them

You just purchase your first home and are elated. Do you know how much to save in order to cover yearly maintenance? If not properly cared for, you could have a very expensive emergency on your hands.

Some things are best left to professionals, but you’d be surprised how many common plumbing problems you can actually deal with on your own!

Want to be proactive in keeping your home in order? Read below the top plumbing issues you should be mindful of and how to handle them.

1. Slow Draining Sink

Notice a sluggish sink drain while washing dishes? You can only ignore this for so long. Kitchen sinks that struggle to drain typically are clogged with various food bits and fat. In the bathroom, blockages will be hair and sop.

There are chemicals specifically designed to clear pipe blockages you can find at most stores. You can also use tools similar to a plumbers snake.

If DIY methods are failing you, it is best to call in a professional plumber. Discover more about all the services a professional can offer.

2. Dripping Faucets

Having a faucet that won’t stop dripping is something nearly everyone has experienced. While the sound is irritating, it can also be costly! The constant dripping over time wastes a lot of water.

Just one drippy faucet can wastes gallons of water over a year.

This issue typically arises due to worn out internal washers. With the right tools, the fix doesn’t take long. Take your current old washer to the store with you to make sure you get the correct replacement.

3. Clogged Toilets

There is a feeling of dread when a toilet gets clogged. Especially if you don’t realize until you flush. A toilet gets clogged due to paper and human waste.

While you may freak out, most clogs can be remedied with just a plunger. At worst, you may need to use a sewer snake. This job may be best for a professional if you have a weak stomach.

4. Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are bothersome and can damage both furniture and floors. Left unattended, the water damage can attract bugs and allow mold to grow.

Temporary fixes can be achieved with tape, fillers, or compounds.

While you may be able to fix a few small leaks, be wary of major plumbing replacement. If say, your entire house needs new plumbing, let a professional take over.

5. Low Water Pressure

One final plumbing issue to watch out for is low water pressure. This is a common issue in older homes. It can occur due to leaking, broken, or corroded pipes. It also can happen when aerators have sediment or mineral build up.

You can soak aerators in vinegar. If you have issues in the shower, soak your showerhead in vinegar.

Plumbing Issues Don’t Have to be Scary

There you have it. Some of the most common plumbing issues people encounter. Whether you decide to tackle some on your own or call a plumber for help, plumbing problems can be fixed.

Have you decided you probably should bring in a proper professional plumber? Before you choose one, check out these five important questions to ask first.