Slate, Tile, Metal, Or Shingle? Home Roofing Options Made Easy

From tile and slate to shingle and metal, there a ton of different roofing materials you can use when picking out a new roof. Each roofing option is a mixture of both form and function that protects your home while adding a stylish statement to your roof.

With so many different roofing material options, how do you choose which is best for your home?

Here’s a guide on how to figure out which of the popular home roofing options is best for you.

Slate is Extremely Durable

Slate is one the most expensive roofing materials on the market. However, it’s costliness is a testament to how durable and long lasting slate roofing is. These roofs can last upwards of 75 to 100 years.

If you want to purchase slate roofing, you’ll need to make sure that your roof is structurally reinforced. This is because this material is very heavy and needs that extra support.

The natural slate rock is normally dark gray in color. If you have a historic home, the slate will complement the design nicely.

If you like the look of slate but not so much the expensive cost, consider purchasing composite slate. Composite slate will give you a similar look to real slate without the hefty cost and weight.

Types Tile Roofing Options

One of the benefits of this roofing material is that tile can come in a wide variety of designs. Natural clay tiles are the color red and compliment a Spanish design of home well.

Another option is concrete tiles. Concrete tiles are interesting because they can imitate and resemble other types of roofing materials like slate, wood shakes, and even clay tiles.

Tile is another example of a roofing material that might need reinforcement on the roof because of their weight.

Shingles are Cost Effective

It is very common for people to use asphalt shingles as their go-to roofing material. This is because it’s a relatively inexpensive option compared to other materials like slate and metal. If you’re on a tight budget, shingle roofing could be the right material for you.

Most shingles aren’t made of very durable material. This means that you’ll need to fix or replace shingle roofs every 20 to 30 years.

The people at Tamko Roofing Complaints say that steel shingles are also a great option for your roofing project.

Metal Roofs Can Work with Any Style

One benefit to having a metal roof is that you can shape it however you like. This material can look like traditional shingles or can come in large panels.

There are many different types of metals that these roofs can be such as copper, steel, zinc alloy, or aluminum. Each of these options looks different and can even change appearances as they age.

Metal roofs also absorb less heat than other materials like asphalt which could mean that you might spend less money on cooling your home.

If you’re looking for a sturdy and protective material, know that metal roofs are great at resisting both wind and fire.

What Works Best for You

Each of these roofing options has it’s own pros and cons. Whether you are worried about cost or durability, there is a roofing option that’ll work best for you and your home.

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