7 of the Hottest Consumer Trends for 2019

The behavior of consumers is always changing. That’s no secret.

However, dealing with this fast pace is a hurdle very few businesses manage to overcome. Why is this?

The first step is to understand and study the ever-changing consumer trends.

As 2018 ends, marketers are now shifting their focus on the consumer trends of the upcoming year. In order to prepare, they must study the current behaviors and then form predictions based on that.

Get on top of your game and do the same!

Want to learn what these are? Read on to find out which trends are staying and which ones are blowing up in 2019.

1. Reading Reviews Online

Buying things online has never been more popular. Still, the majority of the population still prefers buying expensive stuff in person. What people seem to agree on, though, is that reading or watching reviews online is an integral part of their buying habits.

It’s only natural to ensure that you’re buying the right product for you. That’s why reading blogs or watching YouTube videos for a full review of the product and its features is a must. Because internet use is seeing exponential growth by the year, a person who doesn’t use product reviews when making a decision is becoming rarer and rarer.

This opens an opportunity for businesses to create content featuring their product.

2. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are still growing in popularity. As such, brands are noticing their potential for advertising.

Fox, for example, set up a Prison Break escape room, where participants play as prisoners. This is to promote the new season of its television show Prison Break.

Judging by the fact that it’s still one of the current marketing trends, we can say it’s pretty effective. What makes it so, though?

The main allure might be the immersion aspect of escape rooms. Participants get to engage with their favorite IPs in a physical sense.

This strengthens their loyalty to the brand. At the same time, the companies connect with their customers in a playful way.

3. Mobile Use

Another one of the consumer trends is the reliance of consumers on their mobile phones. From hailing a cab to grocery shopping, they consider using their smartphone before anything else.

In fact, over 52% of website traffic in 2018 comes from mobile phones. This reiterates the importance of businesses to have some sort of online presence.

Having and managing a social media account is a basic step. Many use it to communicate with their favorite brands nowadays. Having a website is also a must, but if one has the resources, why not develop an app?

An app allows a business to be right there on the customer’s screen. Customers won’t have to navigate to the website or social media account to reach them. They’ll be able to see the products, contact the business, and make a purchase right there and then.

4. Influencers

Influencers are still in, and they’re still one of the best people to affect thousands of others. Influencer marketing is still going to be big in 2019 as social media becomes more powerful.

Instead of focusing on the target market as a whole, advertisers can instead contact the so-called influencers and have these people promote their product. Of course, companies choose those with a huge following on Instagram, YouTube, or the likes. They also choose the ones with authority over their target market.

This marketing strategy comes in many forms. A company may sponsor the said influencer or have them try out the product for free.

These types of contracts are what lure many to become influencers themselves. While it takes a lot of effort to be one, anyone can be an influencer. You’ll have to learn the tricks and tips of this trade to make it big, though.

5. Cannabis Products

With the legalization of marijuana comes the blowup of various cannabis products. Now, consumers have access to pre-rolled joints, balms, tinctures, and more. They can now talk to a “budtender,” a bartender for marijuana who can recommend products.

Consumers can now get what they need by going to a dispensary near them. Because recreational marijuana is also now legal in some states, many users can use THC and CBD products even without a prescription.

They can buy edibles, such as marijuana-infused gummy bears, and even vape juice for their vaping gear from this company. Because customers now have options, more and more are open to buying such products.

6. Natural Approach

It’s easier than ever to disseminate any information in this age, which spurs different health crazes from time to time. People are now more conscious about their health. They now have more access to the information regarding the things they eat.

What happens when people find out that what they’ve been eating all along is full of chemicals? Then we have the constant attacks against “harmful” chemicals on social media.

This is why more people are leaning toward natural ingredients. They now prefer using products that claim to be organic, from the food to skincare products.

7. Company Ethics

The information age has now also opened the eyes of many to the realities of manufacturing goods. In the past, a company can get away with animal cruelty or such without a hassle. Today, many people are more active in choosing more ethical brands.

From food to clothing to the technology industry, many companies are still doing the minimum when it comes to caring for the animals and even people. It’s a good thing that the consumers are becoming more aware. Businesses are now putting more effort into preserving their values.

This is also why one of the hottest marketing trends today is labeling their products as “eco-friendly” or other variations of the term. Governments are now banning plastics because of this consumer trend as well.

Want to Learn More About the Latest Consumer Trends?

These are the consumer trends you can expect in 2019. Keeping up with these trends guarantees your business remains relevant in a fast-changing world.

But why stop here? There’s so much more to learn and master.

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