9 Easy Tips to Save on Online Grocery Shopping

Is online grocery shopping the answer to your supermarket woes?

With just one click you can have all your household needs from power tools to protein powder delivered to your front door.

But is buying everything you need online the best way to save money? We got you covered with nine ways that you can save money when online grocery shopping.

1. Try the Store Pick up Option When Online Grocery Shopping

This might take away from the convenience of online grocery shopping, but it can end up saving you money in the long run. While you’ll have to go to your grocery store to grab your groceries, you’ll save a ton of time because everything is ready to go.

The curbside pick-up option with online grocery shopping will not only save you money, but it’s also much easier than delivery. A lot of times with delivery, you’ll have to be home for a window of time to get your groceries. With curbside pickup, your order is ready for you at your store when you are.

Often you don’t even have to get out of your car, and sometimes employees will even load your groceries into your vehicle. This makes life so much easier, especially if you have small children.

2. Try out an Online Grocery Delivery Service

More and more grocery stores and websites are now selling their groceries online. You also might want to try out something like this website.

It’s important to realize that not all delivery services are made equally. You may realize that some who promise same day delivery are priced higher. Others might not have all the items you and your family need.

Sometimes the price of groceries from independent delivery services is higher than the prices you’ll see in the store. But make sure to factor in the amount of time you’re saving driving to the store, finding the items, waiting in line, loading your car, unloading your car, and more.

3. Use Coupons

If it’s your first time using an online grocery shopping website, they might have a coupon code where you’ll save a percentage on your first order. The same goes for meal kits. Often there will be a coupon code as an incentive to sign up.

You also can try looking for coupons online for the products you use the most. Or check out the sale section on your grocery delivery service’s website.

4. Compare Prices

Often stores will have the same product, but one costs more than the other because of the label. Look for the store’s private label or generic brand. You’ll often find that you’re paying for the brand name, and it’s nearly impossible to taste the difference from the brand name to the generic label.

So be sure to compare the prices of products before checking out.

5. Always Order Toiletries Online

Always stock up on paper towels, toilet paper, kitchen and household products online. Not only is it more convenient to have a 20 pack of paper towels delivered to your door, instead of lugging it to and from your car, you’re also saving money.

Supermarkets tend to mark up personal care items for convenience. This could end up costing you an extra 30 percent more than if you purchased it online.

6. Meal Plan

Never have groceries go to waste when you know exactly what you’re going to cook for the week. Coming up with a meal plan for all the meals you plan on cooking for the week will help you purchase exactly what you need for the week online and nothing more.

Meal planning will also eliminate your need to order takeout, which will also save you money.

7. Don’t Buy Groceries Online When You’re Hungry

We know this from grocery shopping in the store. Shopping for food when hungry is a waste of money. You’ll often find yourself stocking up on impractical things to curb your immediate hunger and not food for the long run.

The same goes for buying groceries online. Never shop for groceries online hungry. You’ll end up wasting money on what you want and not what you need.

8. Avoid Buying Prechopped Fruits and Vegetables

Not only are prechopped fruits and vegetables more expensive, but they’ll also spoil faster because they’re prechopped. Always buy your fruit and vegetables whole to save money with their longer shelf life.

The only time it’s okay to buy pre-chopped fruits and vegetables is when they’re frozen, like cauliflower rice. Making this at home is a big smelly mess, but for $2 you can buy a frozen bag of it, which is totally worth it.

9. Don’t Buy Small Snack Size Portions

Snack size portions may seem like a great way to help yourself with portion control or to save yourself a step when packing your kid’s lunches. Actually, snack size portions will cost you more money and create more plastic waste.

You’ll save more money if you buy bulk or buy a large bag of a snack food and then divide the snack up in reusable containers. Your wallet and the planet will thank you.

Buy Groceries Online Today

Now that you have all the tips and tricks for saving money on your groceries online, try online grocery shopping today. Just be sure to do your research before, compare different websites, have a plan, and maybe try curbside pick-up.

For more information on saving money online or tips on products and services. Be sure to check out our blog.