Top 6 Secret Tips for Finding the Best Wrongful Death Lawyer in the Business

Nearly 40,000 people die each year as a result of traffic accidents.

Over 30,000 people die each year from falls.

Almost 250,000 people die each year due to medical malpractice or errors.

If your loved one was a victim of one of these events, you may want to contact a wrongful death lawyer.

A wrongful death suit occurs when a loved one was killed in an accident or by an injury that was preventable. This is one way of holding those responsible accountable.

Although it may be difficult to speak to a lawyer during your time of need, it may help you as part of the healing process.

Read on for how to hire the best wrongful death lawyer you can get.

1. Read About The Wrongful Death Lawyer’s Background

Does the wrongful death lawyer have a history of winning wrongful death cases? Does he or she specialize in wrongful death cases? How long has he or she been in business?

You’ll want to have the most experienced lawyer you can possibly get for this type of case. This is because if you’re going against a corporation over an individual, they may break out the “big guns” to attempt to evade responsibility.

You can mitigate this happening by choosing a wrongful death lawyer who has a lot of experience. This practice is a great place to start.

2. Find Out How The Lawyer Will Earn Their Fees

It’s no secret that lawyers are expensive and can charge individuals several hundred dollars per hour. This may make you want to shy away from pursuing a wrongful death suit.

However, many wrongful death lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that they’ll only get paid if you win your settlement. Wrongful death and personal injury lawyers often work on this no-win no-fee basis.

Look for a lawyer who will work with you in this manner. This assures you they not only believe in your case but that they are working for the best outcome. If they only get paid if you do, this may incentivize them to work as hard as possible to win your case.

If you do win, your lawyer working on contingency will take a prearranged amount of the settlement as his or her payment.

3. Interview as Many Lawyers as Possible

Most lawyers will offer a free consultation. Speak with as many lawyers as possible. Outline your case and take advantage of the fact that they will speak with you for free.

You not only need to find a lawyer with plenty of experience in wrongful death suits but one that “clicks” with you. As you’ll be filing a case for something that is very emotional for you, you’ll want to be sure that the lawyer you hire will handle everything as sensitively as possible.

You also want to make sure that you’ll feel comfortable talking to the lawyer. You’ll need to communicate a fair bit, and you need to feel comfortable reaching out via phone or email if necessary.

4. Ensure Your Lawyer Believes in Your Case

Most lawyers will not take on a case if they don’t believe in it. However, there are some that will. You want to hire a lawyer that is not only committed to winning the case for you but who actually cares whether you win.

You don’t want a lawyer who isn’t passionate about you winning or seems to waver about any aspect of your case. Your lawyer needs to stand behind you every step of the way.

5. Ensure the Lawyer Has the Financial Ability to Pursue Your Claim

Your lawyer may be working on a contingency basis, but he or she will need some financial resources to pursue your case in the first place. He or she may create a ledger or “tab” of resources used when creating and working on your case and may charge an administrative fee on top of what he or she will get from helping you win your settlement.

While this may be the case, he or she still needs the monetary ability to pursue the case by way of a staff, administration and billable hours he or she won’t be billing until you win your case. If the lawyer seems unable to do so, he or she may not make your case a priority. Or, you may find that you’ll have to seek another lawyer halfway through the suit.

Changing representation does happen, but it can cause legal issues and errors. Therefore, you should be confident he or she is fully capable, financially and with past experience, to move forward with your claim.

6. Speak to Others Who Have Been in Your Shoes

You may get to know other individuals who have filed wrongful death cases in the past through support groups and grief groups. You can also likely find some of them online. Speak to them about which lawyers they have used to help win settlements. You can also have their lawyers recommend someone in your area whom they trust or who has a good reputation.

This will allow you to narrow down your search quite a bit and begin to make your move.

Hiring the Best Wrongful Death Attorney

Hiring a wrongful death lawyer is a little bit like interviewing people for a job. You’ll need to find the very best individual possible who can handle your unique case and the needs it presents. Don’t be shy about saying no to people. After all, this is highly personal, and you do want to win your case.

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