5 Ultra-Important How to Pick a Dentist Tips That Will Help You Achieve the Perfect Smile

Achieving the perfect smile is about finding the right dentist. After all, a good dentist is as important as a primary care physician.

Dentists manage the general health inside your mouth, including your smile. They examine for oral cancers, teeth, gum, and jaw concerns. Dentists also remove decay, fractured teeth, and fill cavities. That’s why it’s important to know how to pick a dentist.

If you’re looking for a high-quality professional, you’ll want to read these five how to pick dentist tips.

1. How to Pick a Dentist: Health Insurance

Your dental insurance determines what dentists you have access to most of the time. Insurance companies have a network of dentists who accept your insurance.

This helps you avoid out of pocket expenses, except for copays. If you have a Dental PPO plan, you can go outside of your network of dentists, but additional costs may occur.

Always check with your insurance provider first before selecting a dentist. If your concern is cost, they can help you avoid as much as they can.

2. Go to the Board

Most states have a dental board that holds their practices accountable. Contact them and ask for a copy of the most recent claims against the practice.

In most cases, the state board will refer you to their website where you can search for the dentist by name. There you can read the history of current and old customer complaints and concerns.

Remember, no practice is perfect. So make sure you make your judgment call based off of credible claims.

3. Recommendations

The American Dental Association is a great place to start for suggestions of some of the Nation’s best dentists.

There are reputable dentists and dental school graduates who pay dues to be a part of the network. The Academy of General Dentistry is another great, professional association. Look to them for a list of local, well-respected dentists.

4. Ask for a Free Consultation

Like lawyers, some dentists will meet with you for a free consultation. They’ll give you a tour of their facility and field questions about the practice.

Some offices take customer service further by printing a mock bill. They’ll run your insurance for free and give you a print out of what services it covers.

Ask what professional associations they’re apart of. Later, check for claims and ratings.

5. Accessibility and Satisfaction

Some people prefer a dentist who’s close to home or their workplace. Others prefer one who operates after hours and on weekends. Choose a dentist who can work around your schedule.

Get a list of their hours of operation and fees. Some dentists charge a fee if you miss more than one appointment.

Be aware of franchise dental practices–practices that are on almost every corner. These are large practices, which are often driven by theĀ bottom line and not customer service.

If you need more one-on-one care, try going the family practice route. The offices are smaller, and they tend to take more time with their patients. They also work with the whole family–adults and kids–like orthodontist Jacksonville Fl.

Pick a Dentist

It’s not easy deciding on the best dentist for you and your family. Considering these tips is a great place to start.

They’re simple suggestions on how to pick a dentist. Be sure to choose a dentist who can meet all your needs.

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