How to Successfully Market Your Printing Company

Print will always have a place in our society. You know that, and that’s why you’re the proud owner of a printing company.

At the same time, today’s digital world is having an increasing influence on printing companies. Therefore, if you want to be successful long-term, you’ve got to keep one foot in the virtual space even as the other one stands strong in the traditional print space.

Do you want to motivate as many potential clients as possible to use your printing services? We’ve compiled a guide on how to successfully market your printing company.

Let’s get started!

Focus on a New Target Audience

It’s time to forget the past and start looking at what’s ahead of you in the printing industry.

In the past, printing companies often targeted the older demographic. However, if you look around you now, you’ll see that members of the young generation will likely be your biggest supporters in the years ahead.

As soon as you realize this, your printing company’s entire outlook can change. You can start adopting marketing strategies that actually work with young people by reaching them right where they are.

To verify that younger people are indeed using your services more and more, begin tracking your customers, monitoring their activity and compiling data on them.

Then, you can develop an accurate client profile and start brainstorming about effective ways in which to reach your target audience. To help you out, we’ll go over a few below.

Use Snail Mail

Did you know that snail mail is one of the best tools for reaching the millennial generation?

No, we’re not joking.

Here’s why.

People of all generations — but especially the younger generation — spend their lives consuming online information. So, if you send them direct mail, you will impress them and catch their eye in a way you could never do online.

Take time to send your newest offer on a postcard, and include your company’s products in a catalog. You can even send them beautiful holiday greeting cards rather than the virtual cards that nearly all other businesses send their customers.

They’ll remember it.

Go Digital, Too

Snail mail certainly has its place in the printing industry, but you need to master the World Wide Web in a number of ways.

First off, tap into the power of social media platforms for providing stellar customer service. Using social media is far more effective than using email.

Young people are notorious for keeping their faces buried in their phones, but they don’t spend much time making phone calls. So, if you want to connect with them quickly and consistently, you can’t beat using social media.

In addition, don’t just create written posts and captivating photos to include on your company’s social media pages. Create video campaigns, too.

On top of that, invest in pay-per-click advertising, which can attract more people to your business website. Also, post blogs on your website consistently, as this will help current customers or potential customers to view you as an industry thought leader.

The more versatile you are, the more culturally relevant you will appear to onlookers. In the end, you will develop a reputation for being active in modern culture, which means you may draw more young people to your business and convert them into loyal buying customers.


Package Your Printing Company Products Well

If you want your customers to mention your business in their tweets, surprise them when they order something from you.

For instance, put your items in decorative packaging.

Yes, custom packaging can be a little on the pricey side. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot to make your business stand out.

Something as simple as including branded stickers in your customers’ orders along with handwritten notes can make your company unforgettable and irresistible to your audience.

Promote Your Technology and Expertise

Want to wow a millennial? Tell him or her that you have the latest technology.

If you want to attract younger customers, you can promote your updated machinery or a new technology you are starting to use. This can be done in the form of an Instagram photo or a blog on your website, for example.

Showcasing the exciting improvements being made at your printing company may make prospective customers excited to choose you, as they’ll feel as though they’ll be getting the latest and greatest in the industry.

Also, if you are particularly good at printing certain items, emphasizes this.

For example, perhaps you are top notch when it comes to printing wedding invitations. Or maybe you specialize in wide format printing like Axsa Imaging Solutions does (you can read more about this on the company’s site). Make this known to your audience.

As a general rule of thumb, millennials like to find out about niche industries. If you marketing your business under a certain area of expertise, you will cultivate your potential customers’ curiosity and end up growing your business exponentially.

Lighten Up

Don’t be too uptight — especially when you’re engaging with social media users.

Young people enjoy talking to brands that are fun and represent the type of lifestyle with which they enjoy being associated.

The more human you appear, the more you’ll connect with customers, who want to be seen as people, not numbers.

Be Educational

You realize that there’s a difference between digital and print design, but not all of your customers — especially your younger ones — realize this.

So, be patient with your prospective clients. Take time to explain how digital and print design differ, catch their mistakes, and show them how to approach design properly.

The more you are willing to hold your customer’s hand through the printing process, the more he or she will likely pay you for the helping hand.

Make Sure That You Can Be Found

This is an extremely important step in today’s saturated online marketplace. Hire a search engine optimization expert to help you to ensure that potential customers can find you on Google.

Along these lines, make sure that your company’s website is mobile friendly. If it doesn’t work on today’s latest smartphones, you’ll lose out on a lot of business. Period.

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