Top 10 Tips to Successfully Market Your Supplement Company

The supplement industry is the latest booming marketplace. It’s growing fast, with new companies popping up every day.

In this ultra-competitive atmosphere, how can you stand out? What can you do to move your product and position yourself above your competition?

Let us help you there. We’ve compiled ten of the best tips to help you market your supplement company.

Take a look!

Highlight What Makes Your Supplement Different

Why should customers buy from you? That’s the first question you should ask yourself. If customers can get the same thing you offer from a more established company, they will.

Your marketing strategy should revolve around what sets you apart. Take this company for example.

They specialize in Vitamin B17, and they put it all over their website. They even detail why B17 matters so much to the customer.

So what’s your specialty? Do you sell fish oils? Are your products geared more toward athletes?

Finding your unique angle will give you an edge over your competition.

Pay Attention to Packaging

You might not think it, but your packaging plays a vital role in your success. 65% of first-time customers buy new products based on packaging.

It makes sense, though. The packaging is the first thing customers see. You want your labels to catch their eye and motivate them to buy.

To that end, who you hire as your graphic designer matters too. You’ll want someone who knows the industry.

You might have to pay a little extra, but the sales you’ll get make it worth it. Of course, if you have the skills, you might want to do it yourself.

Product Description Matters

These days, consumers are more wary about what they put in their body. It makes the supplement industry a sensitive place.

With athletes, it gets even trickier. What they put in their bodies could directly affect their career.

Your product description should describe the ingredients you use in full. That way, customers know what they’re buying.

Become More Valuable

Wait, wasn’t that the point of these marketing tips? To become more valuable?

Well, the value here isn’t monetary. Instead, it’s customer value: how well you help them solve their problems.

Your website will help you there. Think of it as a resource.

Post blog articles related to nutrition. Tout the beneficial ingredients you use. Show how supplements–like yours–will improve a customer’s life.

Make yourself valuable to the customer, and they’ll reward you with some green.

Get Digital

Consumers will often research products before making a purchase. 70% of them will use the Internet to do it. To direct those eyeballs your way, you’ll need a strong digital presence.

Social media is the first place to go. Your branding should remain consistent throughout all your channels.

Email marketing will also let you target specific prospects, turning them into paying customers. If you’ve got the budget, you can look into video marketing, possibly starting your own YouTube channel.

Get Local

The Internet isn’t the only way to promote brand awareness. Print and radio may be on their way out, but you can make use of them while they’re here.

Beauty magazines, fitness magazines, and especially health magazines will all put you in front of your health-conscious audience. Moreover, you can connect your physical efforts with your digital marketing. That way, you give your audience multiple channels to tune into.

Of course, you can always take the grassroots approach. Design your own brochures and leave them in doctor’s offices or health spas.

Get the Mail

Direct mail that is. A direct mail campaign will further increase brand awareness. Plus, you can target customers in specific areas.

A good call-to-action will help motivate your customers to buy. You can also use direct mail for seminar invitations, discounts, testimonials, and a link to the website to see more.

Reach the Influencers

What do Dr. Oz and Gillian Anderson have in common? They’re influencers.

People consider then experts and trust the advice they give. When they advertise a product, people buy it.

Not everyone can reach celebrity physicians or fitness trainers. However, you can reach out to bloggers and vloggers and take advantage of their following.

Work with the Right People

The right partners are as essential as the right customers. Having a supplement manufacturer can elevate your sales to new heights. Plus, you can expand your product line, giving you another avenue of income.

Fulfillment partners can also manage and store your stock. You don’t have to shell out extra for storage rental. Plus, you get the benefit of working with professionals.

Be Yourself

We’ve thrown a lot at you. But this point, I think, is the most critical.

People don’t connect with businesses. They connect with people.

Your connection to your product will inspire others to buy it. Think of why you got into the business in the first place.

Did vitamins help you through a disease? Make you a better person? The passion you bring to the table is your best marketing tool.

Market Your Supplement Company the Right Way

Marketing a supplement company isn’t so different from advertising a regular business. You need to have value in the mind of your customers. Your product should solve their problems.

Take advantage of every outlet available to you. Establish a digital presence. Use all physical media, right down to the mailbox.

Above all, be yourself. Let your customers know how supplements have helped you.

And if you need more business tips, check us out. We’ve got insightful articles on everything from legal help to collecting debt.