What is a Kiss Cut Sticker?

Take a walk through a parking lot or past a street post, and you’ll notice a common trend; stickers are a popular accessory.

These stickers do everything from telling jokes to proclaiming allegiance to a particular sports team. They catch people’s attention while giving the owner a sense of pride.

Another thing that stickers do very well is advertising.

Stickers may look simple enough. But choosing the right ones for your business is actually a bit complicated. There are a variety of options out there, and knowing the difference is essential to making the right choice for your business.

So what is a kiss cut sticker? What is a die cut sticker? Which one is right for your business? How can you put die cut and kiss cut stickers to work for you?

Keep reading for answers to all of these questions and more!

What is a Kiss Cut Sticker?

When you start searching for the right sticker option for your business, one term you’ll come across often is kiss cut.

So what is kiss cutting? A kiss sticker is one that is attached to a sheet. Your sticker design is printed over and over again on a sheet of sticker backing. That backing could be wide enough for a single sticker or several and could be any number of lengths.

When you peel away a kiss cut sticker, the backing remains. You could tear off the used backing to keep it from getting in the way. The rest of the stickers stay on the roll, ready to be used.

But not all kiss cut stickers are found on a roll. Another option for kiss cut stickers is those that are printed on individual pieces of backing.

While each sticker will have its own back, this backing will still show around the borders of your sticker, just as it would on a roll.

When to Use Kiss Cut Stickers On or Off a Roll

A kiss cut sticker on a roll is ideal if you are handing out stickers in a location where you might want recipients to wear your stickers right away.

For instance, if you were hosting an event or handing out stickers at a conference, you might want people to put your stickers on their clothing.

If you handed them a sticker with an individual back, they might not put it on right away. Instead, you could hand them a sticker off of a roll so that it goes straight to their clothing or wherever else they choose to put it.

If you or your employees will be placing the stickers on promotional items or handouts, a roll of kiss cut stickers may be easier to use. It’s often much easier to remove stickers from a roll than it is from an individual piece of backing.

Another popular way to use stickers is to hand them out for recipients to use at a later time. You might hope that recipients will put their stickers on their car or laptop. To do this, they will need a kiss cut sticker with an individual backing.

What is a Die Cut Sticker?

Another option that you’ll come across is a die cut sticker.

What does die cut mean? Unlike kiss cut stickers where you can see the backing around the borders of the sticker, with die cut, that backing disappears.

The die cut sticker definition means that the sticker itself is the only thing that shows, rather than any distracting backing.

The result is a sticker design that stands out. If you pair die-cutting with a stunning sticker design, you’ll end up with a sticker that looks like a piece of art.

When to Use Die Cut Stickers

While die cut and kiss cut stickers off the roll might sound very similar, they lead to very different results.

Die cut stickers pop out because there is no distracting or tacky background. You can use creative shapes or irregular edges to make your logo or other design stand out.

Don’t have a logo yet? If you’re launching your business, creating a stunning logo and then printing plenty of die cut stickers to spread out is an inexpensive, effective way to start your marketing campaign.

Die cut stickers are popular handouts at trade shows and other events.

Are Die Cut or Kiss Cut Stickers the Right Choice for You?

In order to determine whether kiss cut or die cut stickers are the right choice for your business, you need to think about what you’ll be using the stickers for.

If the stickers are for use within your business by your employees, kiss cut stickers are much easier to pull from the backing.

You can use kiss cut stickers on a roll to decorate giveaway items, folders for conferences, or other items in your office.

If you are handing out your stickers at festivals, trade shows, or conferences, you’ll want a sticker that stands out. After all, attendees may be receiving dozens of other items during the event.

For this reason, a die cut sticker paired with a stunning design is likely the better choice. Add in some help from a Custom Sticker Shop to create and print beautiful stickers, and you’ll have a winning item to giveaway or utilize within your business.

Putting Stickers to Use for Your Business

The rule of 7 states that consumers need to be exposed to a product at least seven times before they’ll commit. Promotional items that customers can take home are a great way to reach that number of exposures.

Plenty of giveaway items, like pens or stress balls, are overdone. Others, like USB flash drives or mousepads, are expensive.

Stickers are an affordable way to create fun giveaways that will generate plenty of marketing for your business. Now that you know the answers to “what is a kiss cut sticker” and “what is a die cut sticker,” it’s time to make the right choice for your business.

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