How to Choose Promotional Products That People Will Want to Use

It’s no secret that promotional product marketing can have a surprisingly big impact on your overall sales and reputation.

Whether you’re getting ready to head out to a trade show, or if you want to mail your clients a nice surprise, it’s important to choose promotional products that are the right fit for your brand.

So, where should you start?

Find products that are affordable, trendy, and, more than anything else, that people will actually use.

Before you think it’s easier said than done, we encourage you to keep on reading this post.

We’ll make sure you choose the right products.

1. Hop on Current Trends

If you want to figure out how to choose promotional products that won’t end up in the back of someone’s closet, you’re going to need to pay close attention to current trends.

That “must-have” tech gadget that everyone’s talking about? Does it come with a charger or a case that you can brand with your logo?

What about the latest distraction toy, like the celebrated fidget spinner? Not only are fidget spinners taking the world by storm, they’re also incredibly affordable to manufacture.

Other trends might even include security-related products, like camera covers for your laptop or work computer.

Think about the most popular products right now. You should even conduct market research by reading articles like this one that list the most-shopped items/lifestyle products.

2. Keep Promo Products Relevant to the Business Environment

Think about the places where you hand out the highest number of promo gifts.

Chances are, you so do at some kind of event. Maybe you give away branded tee-shirts at a local barbecue you’ve sponsored. Maybe you bring a few stress balls to toss out at a trade show.

Perhaps you even hand your client a keychain as they walk out the doors of your office.

But stop and think a moment.

How are your current promo products actually relevant to the event where you’re handing them out?

For example, instead of picking a random promotional item, like a bumper sticker, to hand out at an industry lecture you’ve sponsored, why not hand out branded pens and notepads?

That way, the attendees can actually take notes of what the speaker is saying. And when they do?

They’ll remember your brand every time they jot something down.

Early morning meeting? Everyone will appreciate a mug of coffee — served in your promotional mugs. Sponsoring a local soccer team? Hand out branded water bottles for players to cool off afterward.

You get the idea.

3. Actual Usability is Key

Of course, when it comes time to choose promotional products, you’ll also want to ensure that people can actually make use of the things you’re handing out.

Sure, ten years ago, a floppy disc with your brand’s name on it would have been useful.

But if you handed that out today?

It’s going straight to the trash (or to a museum.) Instead, you might want to upgrade to a branded USB key.

The same goes for other not-so-useful products. Promo gifts like branded tennis balls or masks aren’t exactly perfect for everyday use. (They’re also both examples of items that made the list of some of the worst promo products people have ever received.)

Instead, think about items that are actually useful.

Everyone needs an extra tote bag, an insulated water bottle, and yes, even a wine glass.

These are the things that you should focus on getting — even if it means you’re able to order less of them.

4. Unexpected Promotional Items Pack a Big Punch

Sure, everyone could use an extra pen, highlighter, or tee-shirt.

But what can you do that helps to remind your target market that you think outside of the box?

Look to your promotional items to help to remind clients that you do things differently.

You could have your own hot sauce made, offer portable speakers, or even have a virtual reality headset created to reflect your brand.

For more access to unexpected promotional items, be sure to check out the Concept Plus Promotions website.

From back scratchers to resistance bands, they offer the kinds of promo gifts that will keep everyone talking about your company.

5. Make Sure the Link to your Business is Clear

Finally, always make sure that the items you’ve picked to hand out actually have something to do with your business as a whole.

If you work in an eco-friendly company, things like pens made from recycled materials or even reusable coffee mugs make sense.

If you’re a vineyard, pick up a wine glass with your company’s name on it. If you work in the tech world, something like a phone charger or even a computer keyboard duster makes a lot of sense.

Remember, this won’t just help people to remember your name. It will also help them to remember what you do.

Choose Promotional Items You’d Want to Receive

The old adage “treat others the way you want to be treated” can also certainly apply to how you choose promotional items.

Make sure you select items that are unexpected, genuinely useful, and of course, branded to the max.

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