Top 10 Tips for Marketing Your Shuttle and Taxi Business

The rideshare and taxi industries are getting more competitive than ever. This is constantly increasing the need for innovative marketing techniques on both sides.

As you are starting a taxi business, your marketing strategy should be one of the first to do items on your list. Take some time to analyze your market and target audience to determine the best ways to reach out to them. Set both short and long-term goals that will push you and your team to reach achievable milestones.

Once you have these strategies in place, you should also figure out your marketing budget, so that you can appropriately disperse the funds into each tactic. Leave this open-ended and adjustable, so you can make changes as you see what is most productive.

Most importantly, if you want to be a successful taxi business, then you need to know how to market and promote it. Read on to learn the top ten offline and online tips for marketing your shuttle and taxi business.

Offline Marketing Tips

1. Flyers

Paper flyers are far from being an outmoded form of advertising. It is crucial though, that you create an eye-catching design, use high-quality paper, and include interesting content in order to grab attention. These priorities will mean the difference between a flyer being taken home or having dozens of them littering the streets.

2. Local Radio Announcement

Even with music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music on the rise, over 243 million people in America still listen to the radio every month. This provides a tremendous opportunity for a new taxi business to advertise their services in a fun and engaging way to those listeners. You can either put together a script for a commercial or see if a radio station is willing to do a live promotion spot with someone on your team.

3. Print Media Ads

Now you may be thinking that no one reads the newspaper anymore, and you’re pretty close to being correct. Although very few people pick up a local daily paper nowadays, there are still loads of weekly and monthly print publications that are read by thousands and even millions of people. Find a magazine or two that you can submit an ad to and also include your taxi business information in the local phone directory.

4. Posters

Similar to flyers, posters can be distributed all over your area or anywhere your services are available. Post them on local shop bulletin boards, at large events, and around common taxi use locations like bars and clubs. Make sure to ask permission before posting on the exterior of any local businesses.

5. Business Cards / Punch Cards

Handing someone a business card is one of the most personal forms of marketing. It provides the potential customer with all the information they need to contact you or look up your taxi business details. If you want to add a fun element to each of your taxi business cards, put five to ten punch markers on each one showing that the last punch will provide a ride for free or at a discounted rate.

Digital Marketing Tips

1. Social Media

No one will be surprised to see social media marketing on the list in this digital age, but its role in business success can’t be expressed enough. Using Facebook ads, Instagram photo sharing, and other social platforms are key ways to engage with customers and provide company updates.

Even with a small marketing budget, you can zero in on specific demographics when setting up your ad campaigns to maximize your potential reach.

2. Website / Blog

Having an updated, responsive website design is crucial to your marketing efforts. Ensure that your site is clean and easy to navigate like this company, while also providing your current and future customers with the details they need to use your taxi business services.

Share engaging and conversational blog posts to promote your site’s SEO effectiveness and to give quality information about the taxi industry.

3. Video

The success of effective video marketing content can be felt almost instantly when done correctly. You can feature some of your taxi drivers, do a walkthrough of your headquarters, or highlight key aspects of your company. Whether done through your Facebook Live feed or shared on another site like YouTube, video can propel your business passed the competition.

4. Yelp Reviews

If you haven’t already set up your free Yelp business listing, then get it submitted as soon as possible. This listing provides customers with a place to leave feedback about your business to help attract new customers. Engage with your reviewers with concerns and look for opportunities to improve your business standing within the taxi industry.

5. Referral Program

When a friend or family member mentions a product or service that had a positive impact on them, people tend to think of those companies first when the need arises.

Spark your customers’ desire to spread the word about your business by offering a referral program with exciting incentives. Use promo codes or an internal system to track these referrals and give those who shared a discount on their next ride.

Use These Marketing Tips to Promote Your Taxi Business

From print to digital, there are multiple ways to boost your traffic. Even starting with just one or two of these marketing tactics can have a great impact on the growth of your new taxi business.

Find an assortment of offline and online strategies to diversify your efforts and open the door to more potential clients.

If you ever feel like you need some help with your marketing, feel free to check out our online business database to find a company that fits your needs.

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