5 Simple Wedding Ideas That You’ll Love

Who knows why weddings became these big, elaborate events?

Today, they cost tens of thousands and take months to plan. This pressure has many doing a turn and embracing simple wedding ideas.

What kind of ideas? We’ve got five.

Here’s how to plan a simple wedding with a bit of craftiness…

1. Get Away from the Ordinary

Beach weddings. Castle weddings. The usual.

These locations charge big bucks and are your typical choice for the event.

Get away from the ordinary — host at a:

  • Vineyard and winery
  • State or National park
  • Theater or amphitheater
  • Zoo or aquarium
  • Apple orchard or garden

Try something grand at the Altadena Town & Country Club. Or, set an archipelago backdrop by taking the event to South East Asia.

2. “Crowdsourced” Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers cost thousands and even then you may receive less-than-stellar photos. Try “crowdsourcing” your wedding photography with disposable cameras. This makes a fun experience for everyone attending!

Do it like this:

  1. Buy one camera for each table
  2. Decorate the cameras with your wedding theme
  3. Include a note asking people to participate

This lets your guest take candid shots throughout the event. Each person will have a different fixation meaning a wide array of fun and interesting photos!

3. Live Stream the Reception

It’s a big financial burden requesting family and friends to attend the wedding. The costs go up for each head at the event on your end, too. Live streaming the reception is a cheap and fun way to let everyone “attend” without the costs.

Try one of these platforms:

  • Livestream.com
  • Facebook Live
  • YouTube Live

Set up an account and who can see the event. Then, configure the camera and software to broadcast the wedding. People can tune in to watch and clip the broadcast for later viewing!

4. Embrace the DIY Side

Add “wedding” to any item and suddenly it’s marked up nearly 400%. Consider DIYing wedding favors and decor, instead. This gives a personal touch to every piece while driving down the costs.

What could you make?

  • Wedding invitations and thank you notes
  • Placemats, candles, and centerpieces
  • Flower arrangements

Head over to Pinterest for thousands of great DIY wedding ideas. Else, join a wedding planning Facebook group to find inspiration and guidance.

5. Know Your Audience

The big day is about you and your significant other. But, account for who’s attending as this lets you skip traditions and try something different.

What could you cut/swap if it’s a small, intimate event?

  • DJ and MC
  • Wedding favors
  • Food options
  • Decorative accents

This lowers costs while creating a fun, relaxing environment. Compare this to forcing families into wedding routines they’re not about. There’s also far less pressure to entertain since it caters a bit to everyone.

It’s Your Big Day (Not a Big, Financial Burden)

The average, American wedding costs over $35,000! This is an expense for one day considering the investment could kickstart home buying. Or, funnel towards creating an extended staycation.

Exploring simple wedding ideas not only to save money but create something wholly unique. Try the five covered in this post, then let the creativity flow!

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