Practical Guide: Wedding Thank You Notes

So, you got through the stress of wedding planning. You finally mastered a seating chart that would make everyone happy (and keep Aunt Jane and Uncle Henry far away from each other).

You walked down the aisle, you said “I do!” and honeymooned the week away. Finally, you’re happily married and all of the responsibility that comes along with a wedding is done- right?

Wrong! Like many other newlyweds, you may be overlooking one simple act that will mean a lot to your guests- wedding thank you notes!

But don’t stress. We’ve got all the info to help you master these notes with ease and grace.

Keep reading for a full practical guide to wedding thank you notes. Let’s get started!

Why Thank You Notes Matter

Acknowledging your receipt of each gift from your wedding is very important in showing your appreciation to your guests. After all, this wasn’t a birthday party! You didn’t open your gifts in front of the crowd and thank everyone personally at the time- this day was all about the ceremony and celebration (as it should be).

So when you do get to open your gifts, show your generous guests some love. They’ll be wondering how you liked what they picked out especially for you.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you… gratitude benefits you as well! You heard that right- saying thank you is good for you!

Thinking Ahead Is Vital

We all know that planning a wedding is, well, a lot. So it’s pretty easy to leave wedding thank you notes at the bottom of your planning list.

This is a huge mistake! If you don’t think ahead, you’ll be reaching out to each guest for their address (again). What a headache.

If you already collected these addresses for your wedding invitations or save-the-dates, make sure that you keep them somewhere safe! This simple step in planning ahead will save you a ton of time and hassle later on.

Who Needs to Be Thanked

Ideally, each guest who was at your wedding should receive a thank you note. Even if they didn’t give you a physical gift, you should thank people who were a part of your special day- even starting with your engagement!

Make sure that you give extra special thanks to those who were in your wedding parties, who hosted events, or who helped you set things up.

Where Should You Buy Wedding Thank You Notes?

So, should you order physical thank you cards online? Should you go digital?

Well, this all depends on your tastes and budget. It’s usually best to enlist professional help of some kind because DIY can go wrong.

There are some beautiful services out there that will make you custom cards, like Majordomo, with calligraphy and all the bells and whistles. These custom cards make for a very elegant and personal touch with your wedding thank you notes. Adding your new initials as a married couple, or something referencing the wedding day will make them even more special.

If you simply don’t have the time to send out physical cards, a digital option may be best for you. Surf the web to find different online shops that offer digital cards. Just make sure that you have each guest’s email address!

What Should You Write?

Struggling to find the words to say “thank you” for various gifts or actions? Here are a couple examples to guide you through those tough wedding thank you notes.

The Gift of Cash

You may have received checks from family and friends to help you begin your journey as a married couple. Here’s how to say thank you:

“Dear Brooke,

Thank you so much for your generous check. We will be using it to help with the downpayment on our first home together!

We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so much for being a part of our special day.


Tanya & Stella”

Someone Who You Don’t Know Well

Met someone’s date for the first time? Or friends of the family? Check this out:

“Dear Mrs. Jones,

It was so lovely to finally meet you at our wedding. It meant so much to us that you came- it made our day even more unforgettable!

We’d also like to thank you for the gorgeous china set. We can’t wait to use it for our next dinner party. We’ll be sure to invite you along!


Fred & Jannie”

When Should You Send Thank Yous?

Wondering if you’re too late to send out wedding thank you notes? Or how soon you need to get yourself in gear after your honeymoon is over?

Well, there’s good news for you procrastinators out there. Generally, it’s acceptable to send out these thank you notes up to a year after your wedding.

That being said, we don’t recommend it. Sending wedding thank you notes very soon after your wedding will help your guests to feel more appreciated and special.

Take some time after your ceremony and honeymoon to breathe, and then, as soon as possible, just get these notes out of the way. You’ll feel so much better for it- and so will your guests!

How to Keep Track

The average wedding has around 120 guests. That’s a lot of wedding thank you notes!

Keeping track of who you have already written notes for, or sent notes to, can be overwhelming and downright confusing. But don’t fret!

Using a digital spreadsheet is a great way to stay organized. For an added bonus, import mailing addresses that you have saved on your computer.

Each time you complete an invitation, check it off your digital list!

Wrapping Up

Wedding thank you notes are significant and appreciated. It’s important to make them a part of your wedding planning, and not to avoid completing them after the celebrations are over.

Just make sure that you plan ahead, thank each guest who made your day so special, and stay organized during the process. If you follow this guide, you can’t go wrong!

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