How to find Affordable Self Storage Options

What if you could add depth to the smallest living space?

This is possibly by using a self storage facility. However, many people have a hard time finding good storage venues.

Good storage facilities can be difficult to find. It can also be difficult to afford. This often puts these storage solutions out of reach.

Fortunately, there are ways to find great storage facility solutions at even greater prices. Read on to discover these affordable self storage secrets!

What Is Affordable Self Storage?

“Affordable” is a relative idea that is different from person to person. However, you’ll want a facility that offers different storage options. This can save everyone money.

These facilities let you store as much or as little as you need to. You will not be paying for space you do not need or want. And you can always upgrade to more space in the future if you need to.

A good example of this is Woods Self Storage. There are three sizes of storage and you do not have to sign any kind of annual contract.

The trick is finding self storage options near you. That’s why we have provided a handy guide to finding affordable self storage in your area.

Short-Term or Long-Term

The first thing to do is figure out if you need a short-term or a long-term solution. This typically depends on whether you are moving out of the area or staying.

If you are moving over a long distance, you may want a short-term storage solution. You can store your valuable items until your new home is ready to move into.

If you are staying in this area but your home is overly cluttered, you’ll want a long-term solution. This lets your house look clean and uncluttered. At the same time, you’ll have easy and convenient access to your items whenever you need them.

Prioritize Your Items

The biggest key to affordable self storage is carefully selecting what you end up storing. If you try to store tons of items, it forces you to rent a larger storage space.

Begin by carefully prioritizing your items. Choose the items that absolutely must be stored.

Next, figure out what to do with the rest of the items. They can be sold, given to charity, or simply given as gifts to friends and family.

This leaves you with the smallest possible assortment of items that need to be stored, keeping your costs down.

Small Items or Big Items

Most people seeking storage solutions are storing smaller items. These are the kinds of things that can easily clutter up the house.

However, some storage facilities offer larger options. This includes options to store items such as boats and RVs.

Storage solutions are obviously more expensive for these items. The convenience of having them out of your way, though, may be well worth the cost.

RVs and boats often take up lots of driveway or garage space. And they must be frequently moved for everything from visiting friends to your local garbage man.

A storage solution can give you your space and freedom back while still letting you easily access your vehicles at any time.

Full Service or Self Service

Another factor to consider is whether the facility will pick items up from your home or you must deliver them. Having them picked up is most useful if you are temporarily storing items in preparation for a move.

For long-term storage, you typically deliver the items yourself. You can make several trips to your local facility until everything has been loaded.

Those about to move may consider a facility that sends boxes or trailers to your home. Then you load your items and they bring it back to the facility.

Ask Around on Social Media

A classic way to find the most affordable kind of business is to ask around on social media. You can ask your local friends or make posts on local community pages.

It’s true that each person may have had a unique experience. However, enough people recommending a single affordable self storage facility will let you know it is high quality.

You can also ask these people about the price that they paid. This lets you begin your research on storage rates.

Compare Rates

The most direct way to compare the rates of the different storage facilities is to call them. Ask each one what the rate is.

Make sure to discover what the rate is for each unit. Also, ask about whether the rates are different if you sign for multiple months at a time instead of paying month to month.

Knowing the rates of competing facilities allows you to identify the most affordable self storage option. It may also let you negotiate a better rate with the storage facility of your choice.

Make a Visit (or Two)

It is useful to research these companies via social media and phone calls. However, you should also make a visit to any facilities you are considering.

Most people exploring self storage options are looking for long-term solutions. This means that your items will be in the facility for many years.

Visiting lets you inspect the quality of the facility. It also lets you accurately determine how long it will take you to drive to that facility.

And visiting lets you personally interact with the staff of this facility. You will be entrusting them with some of your most treasured items. It is important that you trust them!

The Bottom Line

You deserve the highest quality and most affordable self storage solutions. However, you don’t always have time to fully investigate every single facility.

At Find a Business That, we specialize in helping consumers like you. We can help you discover the best storage facility and other businesses in your area that best suit your needs.

We are here to help you save money while living in comfort and style. To see how we can transform your life for the better, come check out our consumer resources today!

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