10 Funny Stories of a DIY Gone Wrong

It’s recommended that homeowners set aside 10% of their home’s budget per year for repair and maintenance. Now, as you can imagine, this is great in theory but not always cost effective.

As a result, tons of people are turning to a more self-sufficient, DIY style. After all, repairing that wonky sink or replacing a shingle yourself is far easier and cheaper than calling someone and having them do it for you.

However, DIY projects don’t always go as planned. There are some projects that don’t quite make the cut.

Then there’s this list.

Here are 10 hilarious stories of DIY gone wrong that are sure to make you laugh — and scratch your head.

1. Kitchen Tiling on the Roof

Sometimes you just want a change, and new roofing is a great way to give your house a stylish new look. Roofing tile comes in tons of different styles for homeowners of every type, including tile, shingle, and even wood.

But one homeowner decided that these options simply weren’t enough. Instead of coming up with a creative new mixture or color of preexisting, recommended materials, they took matters into their own hands…and used kitchen tiling.

We’re not sure what’s stranger about this project: that someone thought it was a good idea in the first place or that during the project, no one stopped to think about how inefficient of a choice it’d be.

If you need handyman help, check out this website. Don’t create a disaster waiting to happen like a kitchen tile roof.

2. Potato Jesus Painting

The Renaissance period was a time like no other for the arts. Between crafty new inventions and gorgeous paintings, it was truly an inspiring time.

Perhaps that’s why people have fallen in love with the era’s unique art style. However, not everything from the past needs an update.

A few years ago, you may recall a meme going around dubbed Potato Jesus. The hilarious painting came from an amateur’s attempt and reconstructing a beautiful painting of Jesus.

While their heart was in the right place, we’re going to go out on a limb and say it didn’t quite turn out how they hoped.

3. Rummy Bears

Here’s a case of DIY gone wrong where the concept seems fair enough, but the science doesn’t always back it up. Never underestimate people’s abilities to come up with new ways to ingest alcohol.

Enter, the rummy bear.

Take a bag of gummy bears, a Tupperware container, and a whole lot of booze and let it soak in the fridge. The result should be a delicious concoction of sweet gummy flavor with all the fun of alcohol.

But 9 times out of 10, it results in a horrid, gelatinous mess. The only thing worse than the sticky mess is the terrible taste.

4. DIY Gone Wrong Charger Extension

Remember when your parents advised you not to stick anything metal near an electrical socket? That was good advice.

Furthermore, it’s advice that one poor soul should’ve heeded when they concocted a way to extend the range of their laptop charger.

Not content with their charger, they grabbed a metal stake, screwdriver, and some tape. Then, and it gets worse, they stuck it into the socket.

We’re not entirely sure how this person is still alive, but one thing is clear: it’s DIY gone wrong to a dangerous level.

5. Homemade Toddler Swing

Raising a toddler is no easy task. They’re fussy, loud, and not exactly known for their way with words.

That’s precisely why a DIY toddler swing seemed like such a great idea. The parents grabbed some rope, an old pair of jean shorts, and got to work installing the toddler’s new toy.

That’s where this becomes a DIY gone wrong situation.

Instead of a bouncy play area for their child, they ended up giving their child the largest wedgie of its little life and immortalizing it on the net. We’re guessing the child is going to have a hard time forgiving them for this when they grow up.

6. Accidental Condom Hat

Pinterest is a magical site full of great DIY ideas. It’s also a strong place to realize that maybe your sewing skills aren’t up to snuff.

That’s what one unlucky user learned when they tried to craft their own beautiful wool cap. Should’ve been easy enough, but something was lost in translation.

In the end, the user ended up with a condom-shaped hat instead of their beautiful wool cap.

7. Orange Candle

Fire and DIY gone wrong are two things that just shouldn’t go together, no matter how much of a good idea you think it is.

But that didn’t stop a few people from trying this next trick.

Candles can be expensive, as is citrus. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

The idea is to hollow out an orange, then place a wick inside. You’ll get a beautiful, crafty, citrus-scented candle that cost next to nothing!

Well, not quite. In the end, tons of people just ended up setting orange halves on fire. We’re sure there was some citrus scent in between the horrid aroma of burning peel and smoke.

8. The DIY Gone Wrong Strainer

Everyone loves ravioli! It’s one of the most versatile kinds of pasta out there, and best of all, it’s easy to make.

And we’ve all been in a situation where we’re 2/3 done with cooking and realize we don’t have an ingredient or material we need.

While most of us improvise, some of us are better at it than others. Case and point, the DIY gone wrong pasta strainer, aka a tennis racket.

You can probably imagine how this ended. A melted tennis racket, and worst of all, a bunch of wasted pasta.

9. Makeshift Bunkbeds

We just need to say this: don’t try and construct your own bunk beds. Unless you have Ron Swanson-level woodworking experience, it’s going to end in disaster.

But that didn’t stop one homeowner from attempting to consolidate space. One trip to the hardware store and a few hours later, they hoisted their bed on top of the “platform”.

We put the word platform in quotes because the entire contraption consists wooden support beams and plywood. To support an entire bed.

Not included, surprisingly, is how long the bed lasted before crashing down on the couch below.

10. Pickup Truck Swimming Pool

Pickup truck + tarp + water. Need we say more?

Technically, it worked. But between water damage to the interior and the sheer look of it, we’re still classifying this as a fail.

Want to Avoid Your own DIY Gone Wrong Disaster?

These stories are hilarious, but also a warning. There are some tasks that any homeowner can complete. And then there are those that are best left to the professionals.

So don’t forget to use the Find A Business That… search feature to find professional aid that can keep you off of our DIY gone wrong list.

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