9 Great Benefits of Employee Uniforms

No matter if you run a hospital, own a restaurant, manage a shop, or are making decisions for another small business, there is a benefit to uniforms. Implementing a uniform policy can be tricky. It can also be a decision you want to put off.

However, there are many benefits in requiring employees to wear a uniform. For one, after they leave work, it’s free advertising. This is just one of many benefits that come to mind when thinking of a dress code.

Keep reading for a full list of why you should have a uniform policy!

1. Uniforms Brand Your Company

There are companies that have gimmicky branding strategies. Everyone picks up on them and they usually aren’t well perceived. A specific uniform will help in branding your company without being over-the-top.

A cohesive team exudes professionalism. Generally speaking, when people feel like they look professional, they will try to act it. It’s the same principle as “dress for the job you want.”

2. Employee Uniforms Help Avoid Improper Attire

Uniforms in the workplace give your employees a certain look. Employees will always look presentable and appear to be a member of your team. Having employees wear a uniform they can be proud of will increase morale.

Almost every place of business has requirements on what employees can and cannot wear. And just about all of those businesses have employees that push the limits on what is appropriate.

It can be difficult to send a worker home if you’re short-staffed and the item of clothing is merely questionable. But this opens the door for clothing even less appropriate to be worn down the road.

Properly fitting, nice-looking uniforms will also aid in not offending guests or clients, and prevent wardrobe malfunctions.

3. Everyone Knows Who’s Who

Employees, managers, and customers alike will be able to distinguish which employee does what when using proper uniforms. Especially in a clinical setting, differentiating employees by their uniforms is helpful to anyone involved.

In many hospitals, different titles receive another color uniform. For example, administrative professionals may wear white, nurses in navy, and CNAs in maroon.

There are several numbers of color schemes to go with for a clinical setting: read more here. It just makes it easier for patients and even doctors to know who to find.

Even in a non-clinical setting, having specific uniforms for specific jobs will allow everyone to know who is supposed to be where.

4. Security Around the Workplace

It’s difficult or impossible to implement locks on every door or keypads to every room. Sometimes your workplace is a shop with lots of heavy equipment.

If a person is in an area of your facility they shouldn’t be in, they can be hard to spot. However, when everyone is in a uniform, the outsider will stick out like a sore thumb.

This prevents customers from being injured which might bring a lawsuit. It also prevents people with ill intentions from easily accessing your business.

5. Uniforms Act as an Employee Benefit

Many people have a hard time choosing what to wear every day. Some people enjoy the process and like looking their best.

Some employees may not have the time or money to do laundry every single night.

All of this can be solved with a uniform. For the employee that can’t seem to choose what to wear, she now has a professional looking outfit for daily use. The people that like looking their best, will always look professional and put together.

And for the employees that have a hectic life or don’t have spare money to do laundry every night, this problem can be solved too.

If you choose to implement a uniform rental program, the uniforms are provided to the employees, laundered, and returned. Saves them time and money and for many will be seen as a huge benefit to working with your company.

6. No More Missing Name Badges

Every manager has that one employee that can’t seem to ever have her name tag or badge with her. To them, it’s minor.

To a customer, it may range from mildly annoying to not trusting the business based on that one worker. It may seem extreme, but it does happen.

This can easily be solved with a few possibilities. You can have patches sewn on with each person’s name, or you can have their shirts embroidered.

Embroidery is a nice touch, and many employees will appreciate the extra mile.

7. Safety in Hazardous Environments

This isn’t so much about PPE (personal protection equipment) as it is the fact that many shops have flammable materials and irritants to the skin.

In an environment that is a bit harsher than your standard office, fire retardant clothes may prevent some burns or act as a barrier between skin and chemical.

This really is more about protecting your people. It can also allow for some awareness among customers that whatever the employees are doing should be left to them, as they’re the professionals.

8. Fostering Trust in Relationships

In the workplace setting, employee uniforms allow for clients to know who’s who. Outside the workplace, they allow for more trust.

Hypothetically, if you call for a plumber, and he shows up in ripped jeans, muddy boots, and a stained white t-shirt, you may have a few questions. If she shows up in a crisp, professional-looking uniform, you’ll automatically trust her a bit more.

It’s all in that first impression. In the first situation, you’ll automatically think this company just hires whatever “Joe” walks in their door and not trust a thing that’s said. On the flip side of that, the plumber in that nice-looking uniform is going to be trusted far more.

And probably be able to upsell you on a couple items. That’s good for business.

9. Advertising Dollars at Work

In sales and advertising, there is a saying: “successful advertising equates to what is said times how many times it’s said.”

A bit repetitive? Probably. The point is the more your business is seen and heard, the more people are likely to remember it.

If you’ve ever looked into radio or television to promote your company, you’ll attest to the fact it is expensive. Uniforms are going to last much longer than a radio campaign. And after the initial expense, it’s basically free advertising.

Any time your employee leaves the office or shop–stopping for gas, going to the ballpark, attending a school function–people will see your logo. This could lead to conversations about the business and prospects in the future.

Not a bad deal.

Not Just For Sports

People love sports teams, that’s a given. Some might like basketball, others baseball. But they’re going to pull for that team no matter what.

The people on those teams are going to strive for greatness and please their fans.

People recognize their favorite team’s jersey and smile when they see it.

You want that brand loyalty that customers show to “their” team. You want your employees to do their best and please the “fans”–their customers.

Of course, you want that brand recognition and for people to smile when they realize it’s your team at their door. This process can be started with the choice to adopt employee uniforms!

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