3 Brand Identity Development Tips for Your Business

One of the most important parts of marketing your business is your brand.

Your brand is how you stand out from other companies. Branding lets people know who you are and what you do.

Because your branding is so vital to the long-term success of your business, it’s essential that your brand identity development is done right. Check out these tips for building your visual brand.

Make Tasteful Art Choices

Your visual brand identity revolves significantly around the actual art choices you make.

This starts with the design of your logo, including the symbols and wordmarks used for it. It also extends to things like color, website layout, and typefaces used on documents, social media graphics, and web pages.

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For that reason, it can be difficult to explain exactly to make a good-looking logo.

With that said, here are some tips to guide you in the right direction:

Study the Experts

If good design isn’t very intuitive for you, it’s smart to look at what other companies and brands are doing.

Look at the logos and art style of the big corporations, especially ones in your industry. Make note of common characteristics and draw some inspiration.

Don’t Be Too Trendy

Like fashion, design trends come and go. The hot new style may not be popular only a few years down the road.

To avoid the constant need to rebrand, don’t get sucked in too deep with trendy styles. Stick with a design that will be timeless.

Seek Opinions

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback and insight from others.

Some companies go through extensive research, such as focus groups, during brand identity development. If that’s not in your budget, at least run your mock-ups by friends, family, and employees. Use their constructive criticism to improve your design.

Match Your Personality

Your brand identity isn’t just about telling people who you are; it’s about showing who you are.

Each company has a personality. It’s built by ownership and the employees, as well as the industry and target customer.

Are you a funky millennial startup? Are you a professional business with a serious tone? Do you work with kids?

Your brand should reflect who you are.

Sometimes this can be done through your wordmark. A thin serif typeface exudes formality, while script text can be more whimsical.

Color also plays a role. Different colors can give off subconscious signals which you can use to your advantage.

Understand your company’s personality, and use your brand to show it.

Maintain Consistency Across All Applications

You’ll be using your brand in many different ways.

You’ll have your website, as well as other digital platforms such as social media. You’ll also be putting your logo on shirts, document headings, pens, blank sheet labels, and other supplies for your office.

No matter where your brand shows up, make sure it’s consistently represented. Your website should match your Instagram page and any TV advertisements you do.

By being consistent, your brand is reinforced and grows stronger.

Brand Identity Development is Only Part of Your Business

Your brand means nothing without a great business to back it up.

For more tips for improving your company, check out our business resources.

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