The Best Types of Jobs for People with Disabilities

Carrying a disability comes with a ton of disadvantages. There is the inability to effectively perform everyday tasks, a risk of diving into social isolation, a loss of purpose and, very often, reduced employment opportunities.

Yet, this is what about 56 million Americans go through every day. Even with federal and state laws to protect the disabled, discrimination is still prevalent.

But the good thing is disability is not necessarily inability. There are several jobs a disabled person can excel at, and in this article, we’re providing a list of the types of jobs for people with disabilities.

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Online Gigs

America is rapidly morphing into a gig economy. As of 2017, there were over 57 million freelancers (34 percent of the U.S workforce), and there is every indication they’re set to become the majority.

For many people living with disabilities that limit movement, there is no doubt they prefer jobs that don’t require extensive mobility. This is where online gigs come in.

From the comfort of your own home, you can work online as a freelance writer, editor, web designer, transcriber or programmer. All you need is a computer, a reliable internet connection and, of course, the professional skills to do a particular task. For instance, if you used to be a web designer and then a car accident injury put your out of work, it’s possible to find freelance web design gigs online.

Disability Coach/Counsellor

A disability is an injury or illness away. This means that every day, more people are getting disabled. The first years living with a disability, be it visual, learning, physical, emotional or mental, are always difficult, particularly if it’s permanent.

This has led to the development of the job of a disability coach.

Disability coaches are typically disabled people who have lived with their conditions for several years. They have lived through it all and learned how to overcome the challenges. These coaches play a crucial role in helping newly-disabled people cope with their disabilities.

Aspiring disability coaches can find employment in rehabilitation facilities and wellness centers. You may need to pursue counseling courses to make yourself a compelling candidate for the job.

Physical Therapist Assistant/Aide

Physical therapist assistants help people living with chronic conditions and disabilities manage pain and restore function. They work in diverse health care settings under the supervision of licensed physical therapists.

What makes physical therapy assisting one of the best types of jobs for physically disabled adults?

Well, as a disabled person, you’re far better equipped to help out other disabled people. You understand their challenges, their pain, their struggles.

To qualify for employment as a physical therapist, you need a high school diploma and extensive on-the-job training. But if you want to really impress potential employers, go ahead and pursue an associate degree in physical therapy. Many colleges offer the option to take the program online.

Become an Actor

Admit it! When watching a movie or TV show casting a person with a disability, you must have wondered whether the actor is really disabled or just making stuff up. The truth is some of those characters are actually disabled and others are not.

With inclusion and equality in Hollywood being hot topics, more and more directors are warming to the idea of casting disabled actors to actually play the roles of disabled characters. This presents an ideal job and potentially lucrative opportunity if you’re into drama and arts.

Sure, getting a role in big-budget movie or series can be difficult, but what is ever easy anyway? Even able-bodied people never have it straight.

To improve your chances, rely on your connections. Know a friend who knows a friend in the entertainment industry? Give them a call and let them know you’re hunting for a role.

Also, utilize specialized job search sites like disABLEDperson. Your dream opportunity could be a couple of clicks away!


Today, the word entrepreneur conjures visual images of a hardworking person doing everything to establish a startup company, or a globe-trotting individual going everywhere selling his grand ideas to venture capitalists.

In reality, entrepreneurship is a noble vocation. Sure, it’s potential pathway to millionaire status, but at the heart of it are people whose primary intention is to solve a certain problem.

If you have an idea that can turn into a business, don’t let your disability be a barrier. You can build a team around your idea and work together to take it to the next level.

Even starting a simple home-based business, like creating and selling handmade crafts, is a pure form of entrepreneurship. Look around you. We’re certain you won’t fail to find a business opportunity.

Special Education Teacher

Are you an adult living with a learning disability?

Would you love to make a difference in the lives of millions of kids who’re struggling with dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning disabilities?

Yes to both questions? Great! You should pursue a career as a special education teacher.

Special educators are pretty much like regular teachers in terms of workplace activities (grading students, providing instruction to students etc.), but they focus on students with learning disabilities. Having been through the challenges these kids are going through, you’ll be effective in attending to their individual needs.

Types of Jobs for People with Disabilities: Closing Thoughts

In a perfect world, no one should ever live with a disability. But the world is far from perfect. Millions of people have to face life on wheelchairs, crutches, prosthetic devices… name them.

Importantly, disability is not the end of a productive life. You or your loved one can still pursue gainful employment and economic opportunities. That’s why we’ve provided some of the best types of jobs for people with disabilities. You’re sure to find one that suits you.

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