Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips for a Long-Lasting Air Conditioner

With the warmer weather on the way, it’s tie to ready the household. But that means more than hosing down the lawn furniture and putting away heavy clothes. Our air conditioners can be a real saver on a hot day, so we want to know it’s going to work when we need it.

Air conditioning maintenance tips can save you both time and money. You want the unit to be working properly, not using up more energy than needed and you really want it to deliver when the temperature soars.

There are a few really easy and simple ways to keep your air conditioner in good running order and allow it to be able to do its job when you need it. Here are some tips for keeping your air conditioner in great shape.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Here we will talk about simple tips that you can do yourself, or get a handyman to help you. For larger problems or concerns, contact a specialist. If you have central air conditioning, you are better off to schedule a maintenance visit from a professional.

The central air conditioner is more complex and needs an expert, like to come take care of all air conditioning maintenance. You don’t want to take any chances with a big unit.

There are a lot of components in an air conditioning unit, and while you can keep t clean and functioning, you risk injury, damage and a lot of money by trying to do it yourself, with disastrous results.

Clean Regularly

A regular cleaning of your air conditioner will keep it in proper running order. Give it a good clean in the fall, after extensive use and then a good one in the spring before you need it again. The maintenance through the summer months will be much easier.

Change or Clean the Filters

All units have a filter and they all need to be cleaned or changed. Some may not have the type that can be cleaned.

For the central air conditioners, check the filter every 1-3 months. Depending on if you have pets, kids or a lot of activity in the house, you need to check accordingly.

The portable units you can carefully open them and remove the filter. Clean it or replace it, according to the manufactures guidelines.

The Unit Housing

A general dusting or damp wash on and around the unit will keep the dust and other debris from getting and from blowing back out again. Stuff can get in and block up the passageways and vents, making the unit work harder.

There can be any amount of things that get caught inside an air conditioner, leaves, toys, pet hair and any type of debris that remains from weather exposure.

The Coils

The small units you can carefully open the front and get at the coils. The coils are what move the hot and cold air around, so they need to be cleared of any dirt, dust, pet hair or other debris.

You can use a small, soft brush to remove the loose dirt or debris and then a damp cloth is more cleaning is needed. You can use a small spray bottle to get at harder bits but make sure it is not plugged in.

If you notice any damage, don’t try to fix it yourself, as you may get injured, cause damage to the unit or find you did something wrong down the road, when you need the unit most.

Clear out the Vents

The vents on the back or sides and front of the unit can hold a lot of debris and this can build up. The build-up can cause the unit to not work properly by blocking the air flow but if left unchecked, can cause damage or even start on fire.

Use a small brush or cloth to clean out between the spaces. If the panel is removable, take it off and give a good wash in the sink or in the yard with a hose. It’s amazing how much stuff can get caught, especially if there are pets in the home.

Keep the area Clear

Your unit will work much better if there is nothing interfering with it. The outside unit will have been placed by a professional, but it is a good idea to make sure there is nothing like grass, branches, clothing or other loose items that have blown in and are blocking it.

The window or wall units also need their space to work, so move any furniture away from the front of it, make sure drapes or curtains don’t cover or block the vents and don’t use it to keep books or plants on top.

In order for the air to flow, you want to leave enough space in front of the unit to let the air circulate around and not just be blowing on the back of a dresser. The more space it is allowed, the more effective it will be.

Check over for Problems

Giving the unit a full once-over is a great idea and should be part of your regular maintenance. This is great for general maintenance but for safety, as well.

If there are airflow problems, strange noises or weak or no power, check the unit first. Look for leaks, for breaks or dents, frayed or damaged cords, or problems that may lead to power failure or low airflow.

It’s Not All DIY

There are some things that you just can’t or shouldn’t fix yourself. While these air conditioner maintenance tips are meant to keep your unit is great running order, the repair, and mechanical maintenance should be left to the professionals.

Sometimes the money and headache you save are worth the phone call to the professional to come over and help you. We’ll let fix something else, okay?

For more tips and helpful businesses in your area, check out these pages to find more help, places to find parts or help and guidance for any other type business you might need.

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