8 Professional Summer Outfits for Work to Keep You Cool and Comfortable

Imagine spending a solid thirty minutes to an hour getting ready for work, curling your hair, applying makeup. And then the moment you step outside, the sweat drips; your armpits begin to smell; your outfit is ruined.

Depending on where you live, summer can last up to half of the year. That’s a lot of days that you’ll have to figure out a breathable but stylish outfit to wear at the office.

Finding summer outfits for work isn’t hard as long as you’re dedicated to classy, sleek cuts and fabrics. This guide will inform you how to stay comfortable and cool while maintaining a professional image in just eight easy outfits.

Bring on the heat! Let’s go shopping.

Summer Outfits for Work: How to Look Cool and Feel Cool

Let’s try these looks on!

1. White or Pastel Button-down Shirts

Black colors absorb the most heat. During the summertime, we recommend keeping your chic office wear to the lightest of not just fabrics, but colors, too. Anything white or pastel will look crisp and clean, and won’t transfer as much warmth to your skin.

2. Midi and Maxi Skirts

These skirts are the perfect pairing to your light button-down.

Anything knee-to-ankle will keep an air of professionalism while also allowing you to feel the cool breeze that flows. So much nicer than sticky denim!

3. Maxi Dresses

Avoid sweating on your lunch break, and opt for a simple maxi dress. Perks: you won’t have to think too hard about your outfit (our friends at Fairweather know this!), and like skirts, your legs will have the pleasure of being free from the rub of fabric against clammy skin.

4. Bermuda Shorts

If you want to wear shorts for Casual Friday, keep their length reasonable, and rock Bermuda shorts, which tend to sit at the knee. Complement the length of the shorts with a lightweight blouse that features fun accents like tassels. Wear flats or even heels.

If you’re a real estate agent showing a beachside house, then these will fit the mood. Try and match your outfit to your profession or current job.

5. Open-toed Heels

Let your toes breathe!

Flats are professional; sneakers are comfy; but heels demand respect. Match a low-heeled pair (unless you’re an expert!) with anything from your shorts to your skirts and dresses. Any pair of heels will immediately dress up a t-shirt, as well.

6. Cotton, Linen, or Chambray Shirts

Pair any of these fabrics with a long skirt and heels for a perfect summer office outfit.

Choose breathable fabrics. Avoid the likes of denim, rayon, and polyester.

7. Khaki Pants

Hindi for “dust-colored,” these pants achieve the same results as light-colored blouses. They’re also typically made of cotton, and therefore will be breathable for your legs.

8. Quarter-sleeved Blazers

Throw one of these 3/4 guys on top of any of your outfits (specifically that t-shirt) and you’ll step it up a notch. A blazer adds instant professionalism to any look.

Don’t believe us? Buy one in a staple color, like maybe a light grey or rose gold. See how much you use it. Get back to us.

Now Get to Work

We mean shopping.

Summer is just beginning for some of us. We’ve got days, weeks, and months ahead for choosing what to wear to keep us looking hot but feeling . . . not so hot, exactly. You know what we mean.

Stick to soft colors, easy pullovers, lightweight fabrics, and anything open and breathable. Enjoy the breeze on your break and take a stroll in moisture-wicking shirts. You don’t have to suffer, and neither does your class while on the job.

We’d love to hear any more ideas you’ve got for summer outfits for work. Give us a shout!

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