How to Use Stretching and Yoga to Treat Back and Hip Pain

It’s literally official; yoga and stretching can solve your back and hip pain. Boston University professor Robert Saper led a year-long study of patients who received 12 weeks of yoga, physical therapy or educational information, followed by 40 weeks of home practice or maintenance visits. Those who were practicing yoga and therapy were almost equally less likely to need pain medication than those who only received educational information.

Back and hip pain has become more and more prevalent given many of us find ourselves sat in front of our computers at a desk most of the day. Thankfully, regular stretching can relieve and reverse the tightness caused by sitting. Here are six of the best stretches and yoga poses to get you started.

Child’s Pose

This beginner yoga pose allows the entire back to stretch out and opens up the hips by stretching out the glutes.


This pose is for simple back extensions. It’s relatively straightforward and strengthens the lower back which is often neglected – even when we’re sitting up straight. If the sensation in your lower back is too strong decrease the extension by slowly inching the forearms forward.


Another great back extension to strengthen your back muscles. Be careful with this one though as it is more intense than the Sphinx. We recommend adding it to your practice when you’re able to tolerate Sphinx.


Hugging your knees into your chest is super helpful for decreasing discomfort and stiffness in the lower back. It’s a nice pose to counterbalance the stretch you get with the cobra or Sphinx pose. It’s also one of the best for instant relief if you’re stuck in a tight spot.

Happy Baby

The happy baby always makes you smile. There’s something about grabbing onto your toys and rocking like a baby that just releases endorphins.

Scorpion Stretch

The scorpion stretch begins with you lying flat on your stomach with your hands sprawled out in front in the shape of a scorpion’s claws. Then lift your right foot up and across towards your left shoulder. The aim is to touch your shoulder with your foot, or as close as comfortable. You can do this one for 10 reps.

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Can’t Stand to Stretch Your Back and Hip Pain

Maybe you’re grimacing at the prospect of laying on your back and twisting this way or that. Maybe your back pains have simply gone too far. If you think that might be the case, it’s probably time to see a pro wellness chiropractic.

Rounding Up

So there you have it, six easy stretches to get your back and hip pain shifted. These poses are all good to do by themselves and even better when combined for an early morning or evening stretch routine. If you’re unable to do these stretches without severe pain, get yourself to a medical professional!

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