5 Ways to Use Snapchat for Marketing Your Company

When social media originally arrived, many people dismissed it as not having business value. Times changed, and now using social media is instrumental in getting the word out about a company and bringing business in.

Facebook and Twitter are tried and true methods many companies use, but every year new alternatives pop up. One of the latest is Snapchat for marketing purposes.

Learn five things that are important for making the most out of Snapchat and how it can help your company gain exposure and new customers.

Encourage Customers to Promote Through Snapchat and Give Them a Discount

These days everyone uses social media, and age knows no bounds. That means no matter what the age group, you’re likely to have customers ready to discover and interact with your brand.

One of the benefits of Snapchat for marketing purposes is the fact that you’re putting yourself in your customer’s face without them even leaving their home. Businesses of all sizes are discovering that Snapchat is a valuable tool when getting customers to promote their company and giving them a discount for doing so.

When you ask your customers to mention or show off your company, services, or products through Snapchat, you’ll reach more individuals than you thought possible. You’ll also tap into an unknown market or area, thanks to how quickly pictures and videos travel on Snapchat.

By offering a discount, you’ll get individuals who would otherwise never consider promotion. If your discount is for a product that features your company’s logo, you’ll get an additional bonus of promotion when customers wear or otherwise show off your product.

Call On Influencers to Use Snapchat for Marketing

Influencers are growing more popular on social media. They are most commonly seen on Instagram but make their way over to Snapchat and other platforms.

It helps to reward influencers by tagging them or featuring them on your company’s Snapchat. This gives them the notoriety they are seeking and reaches the individual’s personal audience, growing your brand even more.

Many companies have found it helpful to have influencers start stories on their timelines, and then continue the story on the company’s handle. This generates more followers and causes excitement about the company.

If you’re looking for ways to generate leads, making use of social media provides a strong return for very little investment, with many influencers willing to put in the work for recognition.

Use Snapchat to Go Behind the Scenes

Many people are curious about the inner workings of their favorite companies and organizations. Using social media to give them a brief and interesting behind the scenes look is just the ticket when increasing your reach and gaining new followers.

When you go behind the scenes and show more about your company, viewers see:

  • How things operate
  • How something is made
  • Glimpse a famous person using or interacting with your company
  • Learn more about the founders, president, or other individuals responsible for your company, product, or a particular service

Take advantage of the fact that you’ll have a chance to make several short stories about your company, and see what appeals to your viewers. You’ll know how to play around and get the different results you’re seeking when it comes to participation.

Knowing how a product such as Tapflo works encourages folks to contact you and see how they can purchase one. It takes people from curious consumer to active purchaser.

Feeling closer to your company and understanding that you’re transparent about what you offer gives many people confidence in buying from you. Consumers prefer companies that are upfront and honest about how things run, and make a point to purchase from such places when they are presented with the opportunity.

Run Contests and Encourage Participation

Another way to get people talking about your products and company is a contest. This is commonly seen on other social media sites such as Facebook and works when you use Snapchat for marketing.

Let customers know how they can win a product or service by promoting your company on Snapchat. Make sure the product is something that isn’t cheap or acquired easily, in order to keep the competition high and individuals interested in what you’re offering.

This works out by generating excitement, usually with a fairly low cost to your company (minus what you would spend for the winner’s prize). Although it may seem like an upfront expense, it helps you gain exposure that would otherwise cost a lot, without much promise of a profit.

Have Fun With Geotagging

Using geotagging as Snapchat for marketing drives engagement up, particularly if you’re trying to work with people from certain areas. Creating stories that focus on geotagging a certain area is useful in creating viral videos that take off and put a focus on certain products you’re offering.

If your company is breaking into a market in a new area, using the geotagging feature means you’ll get a feel for your customer market, have the capacity to measure possible sales and find out if you’ll appeal to different demographics than you do currently.

If you already have a test market for a new location, consider having them geotag them talking about your company or using your products on Snapchat.

Let Us Help

Using Snapchat for marketing doesn’t offer any guarantee about how well your products do in a certain area or how much you’ll sell. It does provide valuable results that include:

  • People seeing your items in action
  • Reaching new areas and consumers
  • The chance to become popular thanks to contests, promos, and influencers

If you’re looking for new ways to get your product or service in front of others, let us help. We put folks in touch with every type or organization, from companies that offer garage services to banks.

Get started today and begin reaching your desired audience.

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