How to Find a Cheap DJ for Your Party

Booking a party can be a lot of fun, but can also be stressful.

You need to make sure you have enough snacks and drinks for your guests. And you always anticipate something will go wrong.

You know the one thing that will make your party the ultimate party is a DJ.

But have you seen some of their budgets? For the equipment, music, and service, some DJs charge a minimum of $600. Yikes! Is it worth it to put down that much money for one night?

Budgeting is also an important factor in party planning. Fortunately, there are cheaper DJs out there. Read this guide and know how to find a cheap DJ.

Hire a Music School Student

Professionals charge a lot of money because they have experience under their belt. Students don’t have a lot professional experience. They’re studying their craft in hopes they will become successful after they graduate.

Because they’re currently in school and don’t have professional experience and are DJing on a tight budget. Without the experience, they will charge a lower rate. Some may not even charge you or will work on donations and tips.

They’re not concerned about money — they’re concerned about their portfolio. To become a successful DJ, they need experience and testimonials.

Another reason why students have a lower rate is that they don’t charge for equipment. Depending on the school they attend, the school lets students use their equipment. Therefore, you’re only paying for their service.

Hire a Friend

Do you have a friend who’s a cheap DJ? You’re in luck. Usually, friends cut you a good deal. They know you and understand you’re having a simple get-together with a group of friends. They won’t charge you a large fee.

If your friend is nice enough, they may not even charge you. They might work for tips or free food and drinks.

Your friends want to attend your party and have fun. And who parties harder than a DJ? They want to be the center of attention and the one to keep the party moving. Therefore, they don’t mind working for free and partying a little.

For a party, your DJ doesn’t have to be professional. As long as they can read the crowd and keep the party moving, an amateur DJ will work fine.

Search Forums

Does your city have a local forum or classifieds? It’s worth checking these sources. DJs who need business will post an ad. They usually offer lower rates or discounts, especially if they’re working a shorter set.

Keep in mind, a decent amount of DJs who post on local forums are new. They’re new professionals and are trying to build clientele. They may not have many testimonials or customers. But they can do the job and you’ll save money.

Less is More

Another reason why DJs are expensive is they include lighting and expensive equipment in their set. For one party, you probably don’t need crazy lighting or a loud sound system.

When you inquire with a DJ, explain you only want a solid playlist and standard equipment. Since they’re not using expensive and over-the-top equipment, their rates will go down.

If you do want the ‘club experience,’ you can rent the equipment for cheap and explain you’ll only need the service and playlist.

Find Discounts

Hiring a DJ isn’t cheap. But that doesn’t mean they’re not open to discounts or negotiating a rate. A discounted price is better than not playing a gig.

Most DJ companies provide a quote. You contact them, state the hours and the purpose of the party. From there, they think of an estimate based on the equipment, playlist, and reason for the party.

While a DJ may give a more expensive quote for an extravagant event such as a wedding, they may not cost as much for your party. When you inquire, explain their service will only be used for one night.

Ask if you can negotiate a rate. Depending on the company, some work with your rate. When you inquire, state the rate you want to pay. See if the DJ will be able to perform at that rate or will offer a rate close to the one you suggested.

Get a Referral

Do you know someone who recently hosted an event or wedding and hired a DJ? Ask them for a referral.

Some DJ companies have a referral program. When you inquire and state you were referred to them, they will offer you a discount or some kind of extra service.

A referral program also benefits the ones who referred you. The DJ can offer them an additional discount when they use their services.

Be Your Own DJ

There are two reasons why professional DJs are expensive: equipment and a music library. The high price of a good turntable and speakers isn’t surprising. But most people don’t realize is the cost of maintaining a music library.

For a professional DJ to use certain songs and instrumentals, they have to acquire them legally.

This means paying for the rights to use these songs. This can get pretty expensive — especially when you request specific songs or styles of music.

But you also legally purchase music.

When you buy a CD or song download, you’re legally listening to that song or CD. When you stream music or listen to the radio, those are songs you can listen to legally. By being a fan of music, you don’t need a DJ.

Set up a playlist through your streaming service or music library. Put the settings on auto-repeat so the music never stops. Invest in a good speaker system, and voila. You can be your own DJ for the night.

Time to Book a Cheap DJ

A DJ keeps the party going and plays the hottest music. But you don’t have to sacrifice your finances for a great DJ. A great DJ doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need to know how to find a cheap DJ.

Don’t let an empty wallet be your party pooper. Cheap DJs help raise the roof without sacrificing your finances.

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