How to Find the Best Place to Buy Tools

Before Jane Goodall’s groundbreaking research, it was widely believed that only humans can make and use tools. As it turns out, there are a number of animals that use tools including chimpanzees, dolphins, grizzly bears, elephants, and so on.

But don’t worry. We still have some advantage over tool-using animals. One obvious edge, of course, is we have access to the internet and we can find the best place to buy tools.

If, however, you’re still finding it difficult to get great deals on tools, we can give you some tips. We’ll also be sharing our favorite places to buy quality tools that won’t break the bank.

When You Want to Buy Secondhand Tools

Buying quality tools doesn’t always mean buying brand new items. It’s now very trendy to buy secondhand or used items.

And it’s green, too! Instead of buying new stuff, reusing items is as environment-friendly as you can get.

Of course, buying secondhand isn’t a guarantee that you’ll be getting a great deal. That’s why you need to do your research.

Go online and get familiar with tool brands and features. Don’t forget to compare prices and look at online auction sites.

You can also check out pawn shops. Since these establishments are unlikely to carry so-so brands, you’re sure to get a good deal. If anything else, their prices will give you an idea as to the current value of tools in the market.

When You Want to Start Building Your Workshop

When you’re just starting to collect tools, it’s tempting to scroll through the listings on Craigslist (considered by many as the best place to buy tools) and just do a major haul on all the good deals. But the right way to build your workshop is to buy just the things you need.

For example, if you’ve decided to start with power tools, you could get a miter saw, paint sprayer, air compressor and nail gun, and sander. You should also think about getting a portable generator in case your place is prone to thunderstorms, snow, or grid failure. (Read more about portable power sources to see if you should invest in one or not).

Other Places to Buy Quality Tools

Aside from pawn shops, Craigslist, and online auction sites like eBay, you can also check out thrift stores, garage sales, live auctions, and flea markets. You should also drop by hardware stores and home centers if you’re looking for refurbished items.

Check the clearance aisles. Retail stores offer huge discounts on tools that have been returned.

Just remember to ask the reason for the return. If it’s purely cosmetic and you find that you really that tool, you should snatch it up.

Are You Looking for the Best Place to Buy Tools?

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