Corporate Event Planning: 101

When people think of corporate events, they don’t always think of fun and frivolity. But the truth is, everyone needs to let loose every now and again.

And a surefire way to increase productivity and morale is by engaging in group activities. Perhaps that’s why corporate events are such a popular way to mingle with the professional world.

Of course, if you’ve never engaged in corporate event planning, you may have no idea where to begin. Not to worry, with a few quick tips you’ll have the event of the year in no time.

Here’s a quick guide to everything you need to know about corporate event planning.

Determine What Type of Event You’d like to Host

Every corporate event is going to have a different set of needs. In order to make sure yours goes off without a hitch, first brainstorm a few ideas.

When you’re thinking about corporate event planning, keep the following questions in mind.

First, where will your event be held? Most of the $122 billion spent annually on corporate events go to renting a location. But perhaps your budget is a bit more modest.

Not to worry, there are still plenty of frugal options like hosting it in the office or at a nearby restaurant. You may even choose to host it outside, though have a plan for nasty weather and check tents for sale in your area.

You’ll also need to determine the event’s purpose. Are you celebrating something? Is it intended to help employees network? Is it just for fun?

There’s never a bad reason to get together with your work friends, but having a clear intention can help when it comes time to plan invitations and buy decorations.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Plan

Corporate event planning in and of itself takes a lot of time. And assuming it isn’t your full-time job, you’re going to have to balance it along with your normal workload.

Accordingly, make sure you give yourself and your staff plenty of time to plan. Ideally, you’ll start planning the event at least a few weeks before the event’s date.

The more time you allow, the more time you have for troubleshooting and the less pressure you’ll feel.

Come up with a schedule of when certain tasks should be completed. You can also use your schedule to delegate tasks and stay organized.

Consider Hiring Outside Corporate Event Planning Experts

Not everybody is going to have the time or expertise needed to pull off a perfect event. If the task seems too daunting or you simply don’t have the resources, there’s no shame in finding some help.

A quick search will provide you with a complete list of event planning businesses in your area that should be more than capable of handling the job.

Need Help Planning Your Next Event?

It’s hard to argue that planning a corporate event is hard work. Why not make things easier on yourself?

Whether you need decorations, party planning advice, or you simply want to hire event coordinators, Find A Business can help. Get in touch today and let us help you find a business that meets your needs!

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