How to Find The Best Wedding Organizer For Your Big Day

Every year, about 2 million couples in the United States walk down the aisle.

You’ve watched the years roll by, patiently waiting for the year you’ll also be counted among the couples who took the bold step and embraced marriage. Finally, the time has come, and you want to have a great wedding to mark the beginning of your formal union.

First order of business?

Find a wedding organizer to help you pull all the pieces of a great wedding together. But with over 39,000 wedding organizers in the country, find the best can prove challenging.

Worry not, though. We’re giving you top tips for finding an organizer who suits your needs.

Narrow Down Your Search

Perhaps you are an avid viewer of wedding programs. You watched a remarkable wedding on TV, and now you want the organizer of that wedding to work for you.

The only problem is this specific wedding organizer is based on the West Coast, and you live on the East Coast. Sure, you can still fly them in, but that will cost you an arm and a leg, and they might not be the right fit anyway.

A smart move is to narrow down your search to organizers in your locality. Local organizers have good connections in your area, so they can even help you find the best and affordable wedding vendors.

Don’t let money stand in the way of a blissful wedding. Besides getting a planner who fits your budget, read extensively on wedding budgeting. This post from Wedding Intro, for instance, has insightful tips on how to hold a wedding on a small budget.

Don’t Readily Fall for Personal Recommendations

“Ask friends and relatives for a recommendation” is an age-old piece of advice you’ll get from just about anybody. While this advice is helpful in other industries, the same can’t be said in the wedding industry.

You see, no two weddings are alike. Your best friend might have settled on a certain organizer because they had similar tastes, or maybe they specialize in certain weddings.

This made it possible for the organizer to get everything together without much back and forth on things like ceremony backdrops and reception decor.

It’s fine to get personal recommendations, but don’t be so quick to put them ahead of the queue.

Experience and Reputation Matter

It’s one thing to organize a wedding, and it’s quite another to actually pull it off. A lot of things, such as bad weather and uncooperative vendors, can go wrong on the wedding day.

It takes a very experienced and well-connected wedding organizer to overcome such issues and get everything on back on track.

This means you should definitely consider the number of years an organizer has been in the game before making a pick. Settling on a wedding planner who is new to the business is a recipe for a wedding from hell.

Just as important as experience is reputation.

You could find an organizer with several years of experience, but upon digging deeper, you establish that they have a long trail of dissatisfied clients. Ensure your preferred pick is a person of irrefutable integrity.

Find the Right Wedding Organizer and Enjoy Your Big Day

You want your wedding day to be the best. You and your spouse have probably drawn up visions of the big day, now all you want is an organizer to build your ideas into a reality.

Thanks to this post, you now know what it takes to find the best organizer. And here at, that’s what we’re all about; giving you the resources you need to find various businesses and service providers.

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