How to Hire a Home Staging Company (and Why You Need To)

Although the sales of existing homes are expected to rise in 2018, you may need more than a “for sale” sign to get the job done.

Whether you’ve hired a realtor or selling solo, you need to consider staging your home.

Staging is the process of making a home look livable for potential buyers. It’s a mix of minimizing personal items and increasing the perceived value and opportunities of the space.

Not sure if you really need staging?

Check out why it matters and how to hire the right home staging company for the task.

Benefits of Professional Home Staging

You may think hosting an open house with cookies and refreshments is enough to sell a house.

But, if you live in a competitive housing area, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Luckily, a home staging company can increase your chances of getting a sale, and do it fast.

Here’s how:

1. Less Stress, More Wow Factor

For some sellers, the hardest part of staging is knowing where to begin.

Do you focus on a welcoming living room or a clean kitchen? Should you paint over your accent wall or leave it as is?

A stager can help you figure this out and more.

He or she will come in with a plan to get your house looking ready in no time. They’ll have a system for cleaning every room and re-arranging furniture to make a space look as great as possible.

Such skills will shine outside as well, with simple tricks to transform your landscaping, outdoor furniture, and curb appeal.

2. Clear the Clutter

No matter which room you’re working on as you go through the house, you should be thinking about minimizing clutter.

A home staging company can help you figure out what stays and what goes. They help you identify the difference between something that’s in its place or in the way.

Do you have a place where you pile up your junk mail?

Do you tend to leave your shoes by the front door?

These could be normal habits for you. But, they could also be big turn-offs to potential buyers. Staging helps you find better places to put (or hide) everything.

3. Get the Details Right

Although you want to cut down on clutter, you need to have some positive accents around the house, too.

Stagers know how to transform a room with a few simple touches.

They may order flowers to put in the foyer or bring a stack of books for your coffee table. A few candles by the bathtub you barely use or a cookbook in the kitchen are a good idea, too.

Such items make your space feel cozy and inviting.

4. Understand Selling a House vs Selling Your Home

You may already think you have a welcoming home with your family photos and overall approach to decor.

But, too many personal details may make it hard for buyers to picture themselves moving in. Stagers know how to take away what makes your house a home, which helps create a fresh canvas for potential buyers.

This way, new families can start to imagine what the house can be for them.

Finding the Right Home Staging Company

Are you sold on the benefits of staging?

Great, now you just have to figure out who to hire.

Follow these steps to find the perfect staging professional.

1. Ask Around

Talk to your friends and family first.

Ask them if they know someone who recently sold their home with the help of a home staging company. Bring it up to your coworkers when you grab coffee, too.

Someone is bound to know a stager who can offer their services to you.

If your search is coming up short, ask for referrals from a realtor. Companies like Otranto Real Estate Co often have a trusted stager they partner with for fast, efficient results.

2. Talk to Multiple Staging Options

Once you’ve gathered a few different names of companies to choose from, make the time to meet each stager face to face.

This is your chance to talk details like pricing and establish a timeline.

But, don’t commit to anyone right away. Treat each meeting like an introduction to the thought of working together.

Such thinking allows you to make an informed decision after you meet with all your options. You can think about each service’s proposals without any pressure, and talk everything over with your family.

3. Check Portfolios

One of the main things you should discuss in your initial meetings is the stager’s portfolio.

Some people may be trying to offer you services and results they have little to no experience with. Others will have a strong working knowledge of what it takes to stage a home, and the proof to show for it.

Plus, portfolios are more than a credibility check.

As you go through pictures of previous home projects, you get a feel for the stager’s design style. This helps you visualize if you’ll be able to see eye to eye as you work on your home.

It might also explain the price tag they offer because you can see the value in the way staging has turned out before.

4. Get Comfortable

Before you make a final decision, ask yourself one last thing: do you see yourself getting along with your top choice?

Sure, this home staging company may have a fantastic portfolio and/or a price within your budget. But, if you can’t get along with them, you may end up with a big problem.

After all, this is your house you’re dealing with.

There are many personal items you have laying around, not to mention the timeline in which you want to close a sale.

Make sure you can trust the stager you’re about to hire. Think about their level of professionalism, their design style, and even their payment expectations.

If something isn’t agreeing with you, go back to your list of options.

Start Your Search

You can’t choose a home staging company until you know what your options are.

If you want to get the process started right away, you don’t have to contact everyone you know in one sitting.

Just click here to get a list of all the stagers in your area!

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