5 Tips for Finding a Local Cash Buyer for Your Property

Are you looking to move fast but don’t know how to speed up the process?

Put your home up for a cash only sale. This is your best bet for selling quick.

11% of home buyers purchased using cash in 2015. Those homes also sold 2-4 weeks faster than those that were waiting for a mortgage approval.

Finding a local cash buyer can be quick and effortless. Let’s talk about the different ways you can find and contact them.

Seek Out A Real Estate Agent

Even if you’re putting up your home for cash only, you can still utilize a real estate agent. Agents have access to a lot of information about buyers in your area that could benefit you as you’re putting your house on the market.

If you’re looking for a local buyer, you can often get the information from the real estate agent. There are rules that don’t allow them to share all the details about the buyers, but they can provide you with their property addresses.

You can search records that are public to find the buyer’s names and contact them from there.

Property Appraiser Provides Cash Buyer Information

If your real estate agent is unable to give you information or unwilling, you may seek out a property appraiser. They too have information about local cash buyers who purchased homes.

Their information may only date back within the past year but they will be able to provide you with the contact and property details of the buyers.

Once you have their information, you can reach them by knocking on their door or sending them a letter in the mail. Inform them that you’re listing your home and are inquiring to see if they want to view or purchase.

Local Organizations and Clubs

Almost every town has an organization for landlords and real estate agents or investments. This is a great place to go if you’re looking for a buyer.

Most real estate clubs have members that are buyers that purchase homes with cash. Networking and presenting yourself as a seller will allow them to ask questions about your offer.

Not only will you meet potential buyers, you may also form professional relationships this way.

Online Public Records

If you’re not interested in seeking out people face-to-face, you can also do searches online. Not every county has online public records, but most do. These records have the most information about sales, buyers, and purchases.

Whenever a cash transaction happens, it will show up on the record as a loan with no lien. Doing a quick Google search will help you to locate this information. If you don’t want to do the research yourself and are looking for aid, visit the website for immediate help.

Ads On Craigslist

Putting your home up for sale doesn’t have to be a lot of work. You can create free Craigslist ads or other ads to sites like Zillow to sell your home.

You ask for cash only. You can also post an ad asking for investors to partner with you to sell your home. While ads may not be the best or most personal way to find a cash buyer, it could be effective.

Closing Your Sale

The close time on a house that is accepting cash offers only goes twice as fast as a home that is not accepting cash offers. There is less paperwork involved, and less stress during the process.

There are many ways you can find local cash buyers for your home, quickly and efficiently. Read our blog now to find other tips on how to sell your home.

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