4 Tips for Launching an Online Clothing Business

Starting an e-commerce business is likely the best idea you’ve had yet. With 79% of Americans now shopping online, how could it not be?

Selling clothes online is a great choice since this is a commodity people will always need. Children grow and clothing becomes ragged, requiring consumers to buy more products every year.

If you’re thinking of starting an online clothing business, then you’ll need a quality website. But before you launch, make sure to keep the following tips in mind.

1. Figure Out Your Supplier Relationship

Having a good and reliable supplier is crucial to running a successful online clothing business. The first step to finding a quality manufacturer is to determine whether you’re going to drop ship or buy in bulk.

If it’s the latter, then you’ll need the space to hold all of your inventory. Also, keep in mind that having a lot of products on hand is a bigger risk.

For instance, if they become damaged by a fire or weather, then you suffer a major loss. Insurance will come in handy here, so consider this as well.

Then there’s also the possibility of your merchandise going out of style before you sell them all. You have to be good at pinpointing trends and buying enough to sell out.

This is what makes drop shipping an attractive option. There’s no need to buy storage space to hold products and there’s no hassle of packaging and shipping items yourself.

2. Find Your Niche

You don’t want to open up an online clothing business that’s like any of your competitors.

If you’re not unique, then what will make their customers come to you instead?

One way to set yourself apart is to find a niche. Research what’s popular and then specialize in everything to do with that. This way, your shop offers more varieties and options to select from.

3. Build a Site with Responsive Design

Keep in mind that most of today’s online shoppers are using mobile devices. This means your online store should be accessible on tablets and smartphones.

One way to ensure this is to build a site with a responsive design. Having one will also help improve your ranking on Google and other search engines.

4. Become a Marketing Guru

You don’t have to be a complete digital marketing expert. But you do need to know a little something to build your brand.

For example, open up social media accounts where your target market hangs out.

You can also build a blog using WordPress to help drive even more traffic to your site. With search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing combined, this is definitely possible.

One site that does this well is EC3D. They have a beautiful site selling sports gear, plus a blog and social media accounts. You can learn more here.

Make Connections for Your Online Clothing Business

The business relationships you develop are important to the sustainability of your online store. You can find influencers on social media to help grow your brand and spread the word.

Plus you can use sites like Find a Business That to link up with various other companies. For example, you can find manufacturers, marketers, and more.

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