How to Start Your Own Clean Eating Blog (And Make It Popular)

As time goes on, more and more people are converting to healthy lifestyles.

While only about 3.2% of the American population is vegetarian, that represents millions of people looking for a place to get information. If you broaden your niche to include all clean eating topics, that number gets even higher.

It’s no secret that many Americans don’t eat the way they should. Around 90% of Americans eat more sodium than they should, and people are starting to change their ways.

Starting a clean eating blog is a fantastic way to capitalize on the existing market. People are looking for advice on how to change their diet, and looking for tasty recipes to match their new lifestyle.

Starting a blog can seem daunting, but it’s not as hard as you may think. Ahead, we’ll cover some tips you can use to jump-start your clean eating blog.

Choose a Name

The first step in creating any blog is to decide on a name. You’ll want to be descriptive, but make sure you don’t limit yourself too much in case you want to expand later on.

Through trial and error, you may find that you aren’t getting enough traffic on your clean eating blog. From there, you can expand to the fitness category since the two are linked. Think about these factors when creating a name. Be descriptive, but not too narrow that you can’t pivot without losing existing viewership.

Learn More About WordPress

WordPress is the industry standard when it comes to blogging, and you’ll want to know the ins and outs of the platform when you’re getting started. Experiment with different themes and find one that fits your tone.

If you’ve blogged on WordPress before, you probably have a decent idea of what to expect. If not, take some time to play around with it before gaining the bulk of your traffic. You want to be comfortable before gaining a bunch of clicks.

Learn what to expect in case something goes wrong down the line.

Purchase a Domain

Most blogging platforms, including WordPress, allow you to host a blog on their platform. Using these free features is fine when you’re starting your clean eating blog, but if you want to get serious about blogging, you need to purchase your own domain name.

If you’re already familiar with WordPress, choose a domain host that allows a WordPress install. After that, all you need to do is install WordPress and start writing. Once you have some content, it’s time to start driving traffic to your new site.

The First Pieces of Content

What you write is up to you – that’s the beauty of creating your own clean eating blog. Obviously, you’ll want to include some recipes for your site. Try to make these recipes connected in some way, so that you can come back to them in the future.

For example, make a post that includes five healthy recipes for people on a budget. Write a few of these in a series, then create a post that compiles all of them together. Write a few healthy eating tip blogs, then do the same with them.

You’ll need to have some content before you start marketing your blog, but use this time as a learning period.

Discover Your Voice

If you’re new to blogging, it will take a few posts before you discover your style and voice. It’s exceptionally easy to make a blog, which is why there’s so much competition out there.

The reason people will come to your site is to hear your unique voice. Try to develop a style that doesn’t read like other cookie-cutter posts on the internet. Be authentic, and give readers a reason to choose your blog over another clean eating blog.

Make a Schedule

Before you start promoting, find out how much time you have available to blog each week. Try to make time for a few posts, and set a schedule for when you want to publish, whether it’s daily, every other day or only twice a week to start.

The more you post, the better the chances of getting traffic on your blog. Set aside specific days for particular topics. Try to make Fridays “recipe day,” for example. This will encourage readers to come back on days when they know the new content will be available.

Gaining Traffic

No one is ever going to see your blog if you don’t promote it. Start by advertising to your online circle, then branch out by creating blog specific accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

For food bloggers, Pinterest offers a fantastic platform where you can share photos and recipes. This will be one of your strongest allies when trying to gain new readers.


Learning search engine optimization will take some time, but it’s a valuable tool when it comes to ranking in search engines. You’ll want your blog to appear on the first page with certain keywords, so do a bit of research for each blog you write.

Guest Posting

Use other, more popular blogs to gain traffic to yours. A lot of bigger blogs allow guest posting, so contact other clean eating blogs and check their guest posting guidelines. This strategy will substantially boost your traffic and earn you readers in the long-term.

Start to Monetize

If you want to get advertisements on your blog, you’ll need to have the required traffic. Most advertisers require thousands or even hundreds of thousands of page views before they get interested.

This may seem like an impossible task when you’re just starting, but there are advertisers out there who appreciate fresh, original content. These advertisers may even choose to advertise on your blog when you’re only getting a few dozen page views in a day.

Try asking your network about possible ad opportunities. If you’re still having trouble, try affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Links

Multiple websites offer affiliate marketing links to anyone who asks. These links give you money every time someone buys something they saw on your blog. Amazon has a popular affiliate program, but you can also choose something that’s more niche-specific.

Contact a clean eating company like Chateau Rouge. Their products will be relevant to your viewers and can end up making you some extra money fro your blog. This will help keep you afloat while you increase your traffic and receive higher-paying ads.’

Making Your Clean Eating Blog A Full-Time Job

Ever blogger hopes that one day, they’ll be able to make a full-time job out of running a blog. Not everyone makes it there, but if you follow these tips. you’ll have a leg-up on the competition.

Blogging is about more than just writing a 500-word article every week. You have to commit yourself to the process if you want to grow and start making money.

First and foremost, you have to love what you’re writing about, and if you’re passionate about healthy living, then creating a clean eating blog is exactly what you should be doing.

More questions about WordPress, blogging, and gaining traffic? Check out our blog for more helpful tips and tricks!

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