10 Smart Brand Development Tips for Your Law Firm

Businesses that are consistently branded to their customers are 3 to 4 times more likely to enjoy better brand visibility compared to businesses that are not well-branded.

This means increased visibility to clients that are looking for the legal services that your firm offers. More visibility means more leads and more business for your firm.

But before you can start enjoying the benefits of brand visibility, you need to develop a strong brand.

Keep reading to learn 10 essential tips for brand development for law firms that you can start implementing right away.

1. Start with the Right Logo

While there are many different elements that go into brand development, they start with the right logo.

If designed correctly, your brand logo will become the symbol by which clients will recognize your company. It will appear on your website and social media pages, print ads, and any materials that you pass on to your clients.

A great design will be simple and easy to recognize. But it will also be unique enough to stand out, and help clients recognize your law firm alongside others.

2. Keep it Simple

Whether you’re designing your logo, choosing a brand development style for your website, or creating print materials for your firm, simple is always better.

This includes choosing just a few colors for your site, keeping away from overly decorative patterns, and sticking to simple, classic fonts.

Too many different details all at once will make your website and other materials appear messy, and will distract clients from your message and services.

3. Make Your Website, Social Media, and Other Materials Match

Once you’ve decided on a brand style and created a logo, it’s time to apply each to your website, social media, and other business materials.

Use stock photos or professional photos of your company that match your brand development style to update your social media pages. Add headings and titles that match your brand’s tone.

Making your social media, website, and other materials match will help your clients more readily recognize that each belongs to your company. This is great for increasing brand awareness.

Because studies show that consumers need to see a company or product at least 7 times before they’ll be familiar enough with it to buy. Make sure that they realize what they are seeing on each of your business’ different pages and materials to get to that 7 faster.

4. Build a Reputation

With your brand development tactics in place, it’s time to start giving consumers a reason to like your brand.

This starts with building a great reputation.

Providing excellent customer service, offering up free consultations or advice, and responding to client feedback can all go a long way towards doing that.

5. Offer Up Free Advise

Offering up free advice and consultations is great for more than just improving your reputation. It can also be a great way to introduce new clients to your firm.

Advertising online and on social media that you’re willing to talk to clients before they start paying you, to help them figure out whether you’re the right choice for them, is great for brand development.

It proves that you care about helping your clients more than you do about getting their money.

6. Utilize SEO

Boosting traffic to your website is essential to giving potential clients a chance to see your brand and learn about what you have to offer.

You could invest in expensive advertising or paid search results. But utilizing SEO is far more extensive.

SEO is a great way to naturally increase traffic to your website, while also offering up a product that is useful to your clients. Your SEO strategy should include creating high-quality content, including news, tips, and other info that your clients would find interesting or useful.

Learn these strategies on your own, or enlist the help of professional local SEO experts for even better results.

7. Rethink Your Voice

Not all brand development strategies are visual. The voice of your firm and website are equally important.

The voice of any content that you add to your website or other materials should include the same voice. Make sure that it’s one that is friendly and not too formal, but still one that clients will take seriously.

After all, whether you’re helping clients with bankruptcy like Stone Law Firm or specializing in another area, the people who reach out to you are looking for a helping hand.

8. Respond

Social media is a great resource for increasing brand awareness. But only if clients feel as though your presence there is authentic.

Responding to comments left by your followers is a great way to give your firm an authentic presence on social media.

9. Make it Easy for Clients to Reach You

With your strong branding in place, don’t forget to ensure that clients who decide to take the plunge and learn more about your services can get ahold of you.

Start by adding your firm’s contact information to each page of your website, as well as to your social media pages.

Another way to help make sure that clients can reach you is to link your social media pages and website. That way clients can go from one page to the next to continue learning about your firm.

10. Keep it Consistent

Now that you have a solid brand in place and great SEO strategies increasing traffic to your site, it’s time to dig in.

Continuing to produce quality content, implement brand development across all platforms, and keeping up your reputation building will help you increase brand awareness and grow your firm.

Start Your Brand Development Today

By starting with a solid brand foundation, and then adding in SEO, reputation building tactics, and constancy, you’ll be well on your way to building brand awareness.

Once you feel like your brand is fully developed, there are a few other ways that you can spread your brand to reach an even wider audience.

Click here to learn a few ways that you can advertise your firm with branded products.

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