Best Places to Add Landscape Lighting to Enhance Your Home

The outdoor landscape lighting market has grown by 5.2% this year alone! Homeowners are becoming more aware of how vital outdoor home lighting is. But with changing trends and confusing advice, how do you know where to place lights?

Some homeowners flood their yard with too much light while others leave it in the dark. Use these landscape lighting ideas to get inspired and make sure you do it right!

Illuminate Paths

When it comes to your home, safety is the first priority. Your paths and walkways should have adequate light to prevent accidents. There are several different ways you can do this:

  • Point lights at bordering plants to create silhouette lighting
  • Place rows of lanterns along the path
  • Flood the path by placing moonlights on trees

Each method will create a different ambiance. You can install a combination of these lights to change the mood depending on your needs.

Create Brilliant Water Features

There are about 10.4 million residential pools across America. Highlighting a water feature can create mesmerizing light even if you don’t have a swimming pool. Light up your pool, pond, or waterfall by:

  • Using LED lights for a softer look
  • Installing under cap lights around the area
  • Adding accent lights like lanterns and tiki torches
  • Using a moonlight or low-voltage spotlight from above

Lighting your pool or water feature isn’t only about aesthetics. Some neighborhoods, cities, and states have laws about pool lighting. And it’s just good practice to keep everyone safe!

Display Flower Beds

Every avid gardener knows the pride and joy their flower beds can bring others. Display your prized blooms by placing small shadow lights around them. Or use a wide-angle floodlight to create a soft, subtle glow around your garden.

Highlight the Architecture

Your home is the central focus of your outdoor space, so don’t forget to light it up! Down-lighting is a popular method of illuminating the entire perimeter of the house. Mounting lamps in strategic spots, like under the eaves, can highlight the beautiful architecture of your home.

Spotlights are another handy tool to accentuate your home. Just place small spotlights at the base of the feature you want to display. These lights are ideal for showing off seasonal decor, shrubs, or statues.

If you’re worried about the costs of lighting a sizeable feature, look for a company that offers low-voltage options. Sunrise Irrigation in Palm Harbor, Florida, is well-known in the area for this type of service. Check them out here.

Set the Patio Mood

Create the perfect ambiance by using a mix of lighting techniques on your patio or deck. Consider adding underdeck lighting to highlight a raised deck frame. Then place accent lights like lanterns and candles around furniture for a more intimate setting.

Most homeowners also opt for overhead lights for their patios and decks. These can be essential when cooking outdoor, hosting events, or reading a good book on a summer’s eve!

Landscape Lighting to Make Your Home Shine

Don’t make landscape lighting an afterthought! Many homeowners put so much time and effort into landscaping, only to leave their hard work in the dark. Use a combination of lighting techniques to create a brilliant outdoor oasis.

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