Five Office Desk Organization Ideas to Maximize Work Productivity

You’re not always working while you’re working. The average employee spends just over four hours of their eight-hour workday completing their responsibilities. 

One big reason for this is office desk organization. When your desk is cluttered, it can be hard to sit down and get yourself together for work. You need to follow some office desk organization ideas right now before you become less productive. 

How can you add storage space to your office? How can you keep your notes so you can access them easily? How can you clean your office? 

Answer these questions and you can create an organized office in no time. Here are five office desk organization ideas. 

1. Install Shelves Over Your Desk

The more storage space you have around your desk, the less clutter you will have on your desk. Try placing at least one shelf on the wall your desk is in front of. Move your binders, office supplies, and office cleaning tools onto the shelf. 

You should only put things on your desk that you need for work at that moment. You can store extra supplies on a shelf, and you should put previous assignments away.

2. Maximize Space Beneath Your Desk

You should have enough space underneath your desk to stretch your legs and move your chair in and out. But you can use the space for additional storage.

You can put small drawers underneath your desk if you have supplies or papers you want to keep near you. You can also put bins there so you free up space on your desk. If the space around your desk is dirty, you should hire a commercial cleaning company to clean up and remove clutter.

3. Use a Pegboard

If you like taking notes and writing down your appointments, you can keep a journal on your desk. But a pegboard lets you take your papers off and makes it easy to look at your notes. Feel free to decorate your pegboard as you see fit, adding photographs and drawings to it.

4. Roll in a Rolling Cart

When you need additional storage space, you can put a rolling cart next to your desk. A rolling cart is easy to move when you need to clean and organize your office. You can put plants on the cart so they have easy access to sunlight.

5. Try New Lights

It is okay to put a lamp on your desk, but it’s better to use lights that don’t take up space. Whenever possible, you should open up the curtains and use sunlight. You can also hang pendant lights or fairy lights on the wall to illuminate your office.

Follow the Best Office Desk Organization Ideas

Office desk organization ideas are simple yet profound. You should open up space on your desk by moving things onto floating shelves. You should also install shelves beneath your desk after you clean the floor. 

Attach your papers to a pegboard so you don’t have them on your desk. Put plants and bulky materials on a rolling cart and pull the cart out of the way for easy cleaning. Use natural lighting or pendant lights that are above your desk for illumination. 

A clean office takes time to achieve. Read more office organization guides by following our coverage.