5 Essential Steps to Take When Junking a Car

Aren’t you tired of your car breaking down on the side of the road? Or maybe you’ve had an old junker up on blocks for longer than you can remember.

If that sounds familiar, junking a car might be your best option! You can get paid for your old car, no matter what shape it’s in.

Keep reading to find out how you can start the process and what to expect.

1. Locate Your Papers

First and foremost, scrapping a car isn’t possible unless you have the proper paperwork.

Most importantly, you’ll need a copy of your registration. This document proves that you’re the owner of the vehicle you’re trying to junk.

You’ll also need a copy of your driver’s license for safety.

Finally, draw up a bill of sale. It should document the date of the sale, the amount you’re scrapping it for, and who specifically you’re selling to. It sounds like a lot, but you can use templates online if you’re having trouble.

2. Clear the Vehicle

Once all of your important documentation is safe and secure, it’s time to start preparing your vehicle for sale.

While you’re junking your car, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look presentable. And at the same time, clearing your vehicle gives you a chance to remove any belongings you don’t want left behind.

Spend an afternoon or so cleaning out your vehicle and ensuring that everything is removed from the glove box, the trunk, and beneath your seats.

3. Cancel Your Insurance

You’ll need to contact your insurance provider, too. Let them know that you’ll need to cancel your auto policy for the vehicle.

All in all, this step won’t take more than an hour or so and that’s assuming you’re stuck on hold. You can also chat with an agent or send an email with the information.

This is another reason why it’s good to get your paperwork in order first, as you’ll need to provide information like the car’s VIN and your driver’s license number.

4. Find Quotes

In all honesty, this is the most labor-intensive part of the process. It’s time to hit the web and check out your options.

Fortunately, most haulers have well-optimized websites, so you’ll just have to type in ‘cash for cars near me,’ and you should see plenty of local options. The example linked above even offers free, 24/7 towing so you won’t have to cover that nagging expense!

The more quotes you collect, the easier it is to make a well-informed decision.

5. Check Your Local Laws

Before you call it a day and enjoy your hard-earned cash, you’ll want to double-check with your state’s Department of Transportation, as there may be a few more steps you’ll need to take.

For example, some states require drivers to turn in or “surrender” their old license plates. It isn’t too big of a hassle, but it’s one of those tasks that you wouldn’t think about unless you already know how to junk a car.

Failing to follow proper state law could result in some frustrating fines.

Don’t Skip These Steps When Junking a Car

Remember, each state has different laws regarding selling a junked vehicle. Read up on your state’s guidelines and make sure you’re prepared.

For more tips on junking a car, or vehicular troubles in general, make sure to check out the other great content in our auto section!