How to Use a Tent Stake Puller

A tent stake puller can make it easy to set up and clean up after an event. Over 60% of people surveyed reported they camp more than seven days a year. Many people also attend outdoor events throughout the year. 

Stake pullers can also make valuable construction accessories. Keep reading to learn how to use a stake puller with this informative guide. 

What Is a Tent Stake Puller?

If you have ever set up a tent, or an outdoor inflatable, you most likely used stakes. Stakes secure an item into the ground so that it does not move. Without stakes, high winds or bad weather could carry these things away. 

A tent stake puller is a device that helps you get the stake out of the ground. Stake pullers are necessary when you need long stakes to keep signs or tents secure. A party rental tent will need long stakes for structure support.

Stake Puller Mechanism

A tent stake puller will have a mouth that connects to the tent stake. You can place the puller in an upright position, leaning away from the stake. 

You will get behind the tent stake puller and move the handle toward your chest. Use both hands and short strokes to do this.

The tent stake puller will rotate on the base of the stake. The stake puller mechanism grips the bottom of the stake and pulls it from the ground. 

When you pull tent stakes, it should move them four to six inches each time. After each stroke, push the handle away from your chest back to the vertical position. That moves the stake puller back to the starting point at the base of the stake. 

Troubleshooting Stake Pullers

If you run into problems using a stake puller, there are some easy options you can try to troubleshoot the issue. All stake pullers may not fit every job. 

When the stake puller mechanism does not grip the stake, it could mean the mouth edges have gotten worn down. Replacing the puller mouth should fix the issue. 

If the tent stake puller does not fit the stake, you may have the wrong size. These parts come in a few different diameters. Try another mouth size and see if you get a better fit. 

One of the problems you might encounter is not getting the stake to move. Sometimes that could mean the ground is hard or a tree root has grown around the stake. You may need a wrench to help break the seal and get the stake loosened. 

Tent Pulling Safety

Using a tent stake puller creates safety for the workers doing the job. Many people get injured on job sites every year from improper body mechanics. Using the proper tools helps get the work done without injuries. 

These tools also save time. Pulling tent stakes without them will take lots of force and energy! 

With this guide, you can invest in the best tent stake puller to make easy work of problem extractions! Check out the rest of our site for more informative guides like this.