How to Create Twitter Business Accounts: Everything You Need to Know

Do you want to learn how to create Twitter business accounts that succeed?

With over 192 million daily active users, Twitter is among the most active social media platforms to date. People love using the platform because of its easy-to-understand interface. Sharing posts is as quick as it can ever be, and discovering new content is effortless and engaging.

It’s why many businesses prefer marketing with Twitter. Reaching new audiences is easy, improving lead generation and conversion. What’s great is getting in on the action is easy once you create a business account.

However, only the best and most user-intuitive brands thrive in Twitter’s social space. To help you succeed, read what we’ve prepared below. Build your brand’s business account and succeed in social media marketing today!

Making Your Twitter Account

Creating a Twitter account is as easy as with any other social media platform. Sign up first and fill out the information needed to create the bare bones account from the get-go. After that, the platform will ask you to follow three people to get a sense of what your profile should be about.

Twitter will also ask you to follow five more profiles after that, but you can skip doing so this time around. You’re building a business profile, after all. Doing this will only help build your timeline to fill your feed with relevant tweets.

Creating a Brand Personality

With your account created, you only need to tweak some Twitter account details. Some will need more attention than others, as they can make your profile attractive. Use these to build the personality you want your brand to display, too.

Twitter Handle

Your Twitter handle is what appears at the end of the URL when someone lands on your profile. When deciding your handle, keep it short and memorable. Doing so makes it more searchable, appearing in results pages of search engines.

The handle you choose can differ from your business’s profile name. While this is the case, it’s better to keep them similar. Users will notice your name first, and making both elements similar further improves searchability.

Profile Photo and Header

Your Twitter profile photo will be your most recognizable element on the platform. This makes it vital to pick out a photo that you know will stand out in the feed. Remember that it should also align with your brand to make it more memorable.

Find a header photo that will complement your profile photo, too. It serves as the backdrop that ties your profile’s landing page together. Make them appealing, too, as they can engage more people with how large they are.

Be sure to scale your images to fit mobile devices. 92.1% of the Internet’s population goes online using mobile devices. Scaling to their devices ensures you they’re fully engaged with your images.

Twitter Bio

Under the photos on your profile is the bio you can fill in. Use this to convey what your brand is all about. It can be as short as you want or be longer to inform potential customers of what you can do for them.

You can also use this opportunity to add some keywords to your profile. These make your profile easier to discover on search engines like Google and Bing. Don’t overstuff your bio with these, though, as it can take away from the personality you’re trying to build.


Adding links to your official website and any affiliated site is the best way to round out your brand’s personality. The sites should showcase the brand you’ve established before signing up to Twitter. It will drive more traffic, generating more leads.

If you’re a new website, doing so improves your website’s SEO score. It’s a surefire way to improve your reach to appeal to a wider audience.

Creating Content

With your profile established, all you need to do is post content to generate engagement. There are tons of ways for you to do this. Here are the best ways you can do so:


Tweets can make or break your business’s Twitter profile. It’s your primary way of communicating with your audience. As such, you need to create tweets you know your audience will relate to.

You can copy what Mattel does and feature your audience using your products. Doing this accomplishes two things: advertises your product and establishes you as a business that wants to be a part of their customers’ lives. 

Keep publishing tweets to give your audience something to engage with. If you don’t have time to keep tweeting for your business, set up a bot. Many programs automate the process and upload tweets for you on a set schedule.

Make sure your tweets are visually striking, too. You can do this by using Twitter cards. They turn text into eye-catching visual content that will generate tons of activity thanks to how well they stand out.

Can’t come up with ideas for tweets? Check the competition to see what works for them. They’ve made it big on the platform for a reason, and you can always use them to inspire ideas for your brand.

Connecting With Other Influencers

Twitter is home to other content creators and influencers, too. Search for an influencer with similar interests and reach out to them. From here, there are tons of ways for both parties to create content.

Send them a sample product to show off to their audience. Doing so helps you reach their audience and vice versa. It ensures everyone gets something from the relationship, improving the collaboration.

You can also hold contests between your audiences. It’s a surefire way to generate tons of engagement and activity on each of the party’s tweets. This natural form of engagement can boost both your posts and even make them go viral. 

Create Twitter Business Accounts Today

Social media marketing has never been easier with the help of Twitter. Conquer the platform by learning how the best brands create Twitter business accounts. Make your brand’s business account to generate engagement, leads, and sales today!

Do you want to learn more about social media marketing? We have other tips and tricks to help you propel your business forward. Check them out and learn a thing or two today!