4 Next Steps to Take When You Find Kitchen Ants

Scientists say that for every human being on Earth, there are around 1.5 million ants. That’s a huge number, and it’s no wonder they tend to get everywhere!

Have you recently seen ants swarming around your home? Are they congregating in the kitchen?

Do you have kitchen ants? Here’s what you should do next.

1. Clean Up Your Kitchen

The first thing you need to do is to clean up your kitchen. Ants swarm to where the food is, after all! Do a careful sweep and moping of the entire floor. Go through every cupboard carefully, and ensure everything is nice and sanitary.

You should clean out your fridge as well. This will be better for your health and will prevent ants from being attracted to the smell of food.

2. Seal Their Routes

Next, you’ll need to look around and find out how the ants are getting into your home. Depending on the types of ants in the kitchen, this could be more difficult. Some of the types of ants you might have in your home include:

  • Carpenter ants
  • Red imported fire ants
  • Pavement ants
  • Acrobatic ants
  • Pharaoh ants
  • Crazy ants

The type of ants that could be attracted to your home will differ based on where you live, but it’s still important to be prepared for any issues. Start by looking for any holes in your walls.

Then, look for any gaps between windows, doors, and cupboards. Make sure that you check multiple times, so you don’t accidentally overlook any significant issues.

3. Scare Them Away

There are specific ant deterrents you can use to keep ants away from your kitchen. There are some natural options available to you. These include peppermint oil, lemon, and vinegar. Diatomaceous earth may sound scientific, but it’s actually a common method of getting rid of insects in the home and garden.

Or, you may have to bring in the big chemical guns. While you may not want to have chemicals in your home, they do tend to be most effective when dealing with an ant infestation. Boric acid can be effective, but it’s also poisonous. So, if you have pets in the home, you’ll either have to be careful or give it a pass.

4. Bring In the Professionals

If nothing else works, you’ll want to bring in the professionals to help you with your ant problem. Pest control for ants can be tricky, and they can come back if you don’t chase them away successfully.

A professional service like reynoldspest.com can look at the severity of your ant problem and figure out what needs to be done. They can also help you come up with strategies so that your ant problem doesn’t recur in the future. That will help you save money you would’ve spent on kitchen ant pest control in the long run.

Start Fighting Kitchen Ants Today

As you can see, kitchen ants aren’t the end of the world. With these strategies, you’ll be ant-free in no time.

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