Buying Window Blinds: Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you thinking of buying window blinds for your home?

Getting large windows is one of the best ways to make your home stunningly magnificent and appear spacious. These brighten the room, making it indescribably beautiful and easy on the eyes. The amount of light that enters creates the impression that the space is larger than it is.

However, there are some disadvantages to having large windows.

Glare can be caused by the amount of light, particularly if your windows are not made with some sort of solar protection component. Couple that with the fact that you’re exposing your home to heat. Window blinds will be required in this case.

These window treatments can also improve the privacy of your home. However, purchasing blinds is frequently overlooked. Most people believe that all blinds are nearly identical. That, however, is not the situation.

If you keep thinking this way, you will always end up with the wrong kind of blinds. Here are some of the blunders to avoid when purchasing blinds.

Relying on the Design over Functionality

Window blinds can transform your room’s appearance. They come in bold colors and striking prints. But, it is important to think of how they function over how well they will look in the room space.

Is there direct sunlight through the window you wish to shade? Are there kids in the room that are likely to play around the blind? You may also be looking for privacy. Before making that purchase, think about the role you wish the blind to have.

Not Taking Measurements

The number of people who buy blinds by just picturing their window size in their head is shocking. Estimating your required blind size is risky. You may get a blind that is too small or too big for your window.

You may end up having to return or resell the blinds. Resizing blinds is not always possible. Before heading for your store or blind online store, take measurements of the window’s dimensions.

Don’t forget about the balances and the rods. Also, having pictures of the window when shopping will help make the right decision for the blinds’ measurements.

Ordering the Same Blind for Every Room

A common question is, “Should all the blinds in my house match?” The answer is probably NO. Each room in your apartment has a distinct need, style, and aesthetic feel.

The blind you choose for every room should reflect the need ad complement the style. Cohesion goes a long way, mostly in small spaces.

Not Considering the Theme of Your House

Have you bought an item because it has an amazing design, only to find out it does not fulfill its functions? The same might happen when buying window blinds.

You might see them as plain, blank, and always flexible. That’s not always true. The blinds come in many designs, and you need one that compliments your home’s beauty. Have blinds that match your interior design.

Inappropriate Blinds

What you want isn’t always what you need. The right blind will look perfect in the window space and blend into the room. Yet, people choose unsuitable blinds for different areas within the house.

The rooms, windows, and activities you will do in the rooms should be your guide in buying the correct blinds. Various factors define the blind to buy. For example, if you wish to sleep with the windows open, blackout roller blinds are the best.

Doors are another areas that can frustrate you with the choice of blinds. Roller blinds above doors are not always suitable because you have to raise them each time you wish to pass. Also, you need to blindly locate the chain on your way back to pull the blind up.

Inappropriate Fabric

Always do your investigation before making any acquisition. One instance research will pay off is when making your blind fabric choice.

Different fabrics will perform differently in your house spaces. The fabric’s features are key to blind functionality. The features include:

 Moisture Resistance-This is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms where moisture is abundant. The fabrics need to be rot-proof since they will not absorb and retain water.

Wipe Clean – These kinds of blinds are easy to clean and are best for busy households or areas prone to dirt near the doorways. Wipe the fabric with a dry or damp cloth to remove dust, debris, and marks. They are perfect for houses with kids or areas close to food preparation (kitchen sink).

Fire Retardant – These types of blinds provide peace of mind since they are a protection measure for your loved ones. It serves as a safety measure if someone forgets a candle on the windowsill. The material smokes in the presence of fire and self-extinguishes once the heat source is off.

Solar Reflective – The fabric bounces back rays from the sun. Exactly what you need during a scorching summer afternoon. It reduces heat and glare build-up in the room more than regular blinds providing you with an element of solar control.

Anti-Bacterial – These blind materials are for kid’s play areas, bathrooms, communal areas, and homes with pets. The materials treatment kills bacteria. An antimicrobial formula ensures an effective inhibition of infection.

The treatment doesn’t wear off because it is an inherent formula. The material is best for health care centers.

A nice blind shouldn’t only protect you from the sun’s rays. Kitchens and bathrooms require unique blind features that do not warp. Get familiar with the features and for each room, choose the one that best fits.

Installing Them Incorrectly

Installing window blinds well is as important as choosing the right one. Poor installations undermine even the best quality blinds. You need to buy blinds from experts who assess them to ensure they fit perfectly and carefully install them.

You should have a seamless finish and stylish look once the installation is complete. An expert will help you avoid common problems and mistakes during the installation, saving effort, time, and cash.

Not Considering Your Lifestyle

Apart from matching your interior design, the blinds need to match your lifestyle. Some blinds come with heavy components that could hurt your kids or pets.

Maybe you are living in the condo? Having a light blind is wrong because strong winds might blow it away. You have to choose blinds that complement your current lifestyle.

Not Asking for Samples in Person

Have you recently ordered something online, only for you to experience disappointment once it got to your doorsteps? Blinds are no exemption.

Nowadays, there is an advancement in camera and software technology. Photographers can make everything look beautiful and appealing to the eye through edits.

It would be best if you saw samples of the blinds in person. Often, the blinds might look different in the pictures you see online than they do in person. Blind dealers will have samples on-site to show you, which will help make the right decision.

Not Planning Ahead

Planning is everything. Prior preparation removes uncertainties when choosing blinds. You will have to choose a company, select the blinds, and then wait for their delivery.

If you are building an apartment or even moving into an existing one, you have to get the blinds organized before if you have no other window coverings.

A home with no blinds leaves you feeling exposed. Also, during the planning phase, ensure you do your homework. You won’t find the appropriate blinds if you do not search for them. Shop around comparing blind costs, best service, and product.

Not Considering Specialty Options

After finding the most suitable blind options for your home, it is time to personalize them. Here are some of the popular options:

Motorization – Motorization improves your home’s energy efficiency through some simple automation. It is possible to connect modern motorized blinds to home assistants such as Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. Have cordless motorized options for areas where kids play or sleep.

Room Darkening – Are you planning on designing a theater room? Having a room darkening blind will influence how you enjoy the space.

Choosing an Untrustworthy Window Blind Company

Buying from an untrustworthy source is the number one mistake you are likely to make. The internet has numerous attractive low-price offers. But, you might spend more in the long run after your low-quality blinds fail after serving you for only a few months.

It’s always best to ensure you purchase from a reputable window blind company with a high satisfaction rate and a professional team. That way, you get quality and long-lasting blinds.

A company like has a wide collection of blinds. They are sure to fit your unique style and experts to assist you with ordering and installing window blinds.

Skimping on Quality

Cheaper is never better. Even though we love a great bargain, you need to be skeptical about the blinds that offer low rates. Always remember that the blinds are an integral part of your home. They will influence the overall look of the house.

Go for the highest quality the budget you have allows. Quality ensures the blinds are durable and long-lasting. The cheap options always succumb to the elements and need frequent replacing, which leads to spending more money.

Not Considering Maintenance and Sustainability

There is a lot of work put into maintaining the house. Your blinds don’t have to add up to work. Before making that important purchase, ask yourself these questions:

• What is the room’s main purpose?

• Are you able to work with and maintain the style?

• What blind materials are the best for the room?

• How long will the blinds last?

When buying blinds for common areas such as kitchen and living rooms, you can choose those with low-maintenance materials. One good material is cotton.

Areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and sunroom require a more durable blind that can easily clean and withstand moisture.

For your bedroom, you can have colorful drapes or blackout blinds made of a tightly-woven dense material.

Moving with the Trend When You Already Have an Established Home Style

Choosing a trendy blind design with an established theme might clash with other room elements. That may not provide you with the functionality you need.

While knowing what’s in and what’s out is a nice way to gain inspiration, use that as your starting point and then look at the bigger picture. Yearly window blind designs might influence your decision-making.

Trends are often expensive and may not be the right choice for your home. You only have to stay updated with new window features and innovations.

The features focus on energy efficiency, privacy, light-filtering, and automated solutions. All these features won’t go out of style.

Forgetting Hardware

Many forget the hardware aspect when buying window blinds. The blinds attach in many ways. Depending on the panel attachment, it will determine how the blind fits with the room’s overall feel and style.

Consider how the blind material will fall or fold with the different attachment types. Specific hardware is necessary to help with supporting the blinds.

Pieces like rods and end knobs are interchangeable. That is an excellent way to refresh the look without changing the blinds.

Whatever you do, ensure the hardware can handle the overall weight of the blind. Finally, the hardware can be the needed unique touch to bring everything together. Focus on the details.

Avoid the Above Mistakes When Buying Window Blinds 

You might think buying window blinds is a no-brainer activity. Yet, if you are not careful about this, you will end up having blinds that do not fit your lifestyle. Doing so will only waste your money and valuable space.

Take your time, understand the above mistakes, and avoid them during that important window blind purchase.

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